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I paid $500 for tip #1

By Britt Malka / May 9, 2017

I rarely spend money, but I invest. I invest in new knowledge all the time. Things that help me reach my goals. One of them was a copywriting course that took an interesting turn. It didn’t start at all with what I’d expected. Where did it start? I share that in tip #1 of “Twenty […]


Ask and you shall have

By Britt Malka / May 8, 2017

Today, I read on about a couple who dined out at a Mexican restaurant. The woman asked the waiter how the drink her husband ordered was pronounced in Spanish. The waiter replied, “Vodka Martini.” That reminds me of a time in France where we had a new phone connection installed. The guy who came […]


Okay, this is different

By Britt Malka / May 5, 2017

As you know, I recommend products I think could help you make an income as a writer. Sometimes I’ll warn you about products that looks good, but isn’t. Or maybe just part of it isn’t that good. At rare occasions I don’t go through the product before mailing about it. This only happens when it’s […]


More visitors without more cost

By Britt Malka / May 4, 2017

You want more visitors to your site, right? I mean, who doesn’t? Whether you have a blog, an opt-in landing page, a sales page – anything. The more people who visit, the better off you’ll be. That’s why I created my new 32-page “no fluff” ebook called 20 Must-Know Content Marketing Secrets that Drive Insane […]


Soon (haunted)

By Britt Malka / May 3, 2017

I can’t think the word “soon” without adding “Amy” and shivering. Have you seen that thriller? The name is “No Place to Hide” and it’s from 1981. I saw it once, years ago, and the thought of it still scares me. All this to say that two important things that could both affect you happen […]


New lessons all the time

By Britt Malka / May 3, 2017

When you need to learn something, before you can get started, where do you go? I used to go to the library all the time. That was before ebooks and the Internet. Now I take courses, read books, and ask people when I can. I’m lucky to know a lot of people who do the […]


Independence day

By Britt Malka / May 1, 2017

In three hours, Independence Day starts here in Israel. Freedom means so much, doesn’t it? National freedom. Freedom of speech. Personal freedom. Freedom has always meant a lot to me. I hate to have to do something… Like getting up at a specific time. Taking the train. Going to work every day. I hated it […]

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