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Aug 22

More time is NOT the solution

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

You might think that when you don’t get enough done, it’s because you don’t have enough time.

That’s not true.

First, you have enough time.

Second, having more time will not help you.

If you don’t believe me then go through a few sales pages from gurus. Many of them will tell you that they worked 9-5 and then worked on their Internet business in the morning, in the evening, during their lunch break, and every time they could get away with it.

Then one day they made so much money that they could escape the job trap and become full time marketers.

What happened next surprised them.

Now they no longer had to steal an hour here and there to work. They had 8 hours per day. Or 12 hours.

But they got much less done.

Working from home is great, but it means special demands. You no longer have a boss to tell you “work, dude, or I’ll fire you.”

And not all work is interesting, even if it’s for your own business. So you’ll find yourself checking mail, watching cute cats on YouTube, checking Facebook and reading about what would happen if Captain Kirk had been a real astronaut on Quora.

In other words: You’re wasting more time than you’re utilizing.

How do I know all this?


But I got over it. I conquered the monster. Now I’m the master of my own domai… business.

Then I wrote down what I did to get things done.

To make the most of your time, grab my Working from Home Rescue Kit here:

Aug 22

A look behind the scenes

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

The true secret is NOT a big list. That’s a lie.

When you check those leader boards for affiliates, you might believe that the top ten persons are invincible, because they have huge lists.

Not so. I’m not saying that a bigger list doesn’t help, but size is not all. Unless you ask Godzilla.

If you check what successful affiliate marketers do, which beats the big lists anytime, then their methods are mostly identical. But it’s rare that you get the chance of seeing a step-by-step walk through of what they do.

That is, however, what Omar Martin and his wife will bring you with their “Rapid Profit System” which has just launched.

It offers you:

  • training
  • 5 videos that combines text slides with over-the-shoulder tutorials that walk you through each step
  • downloads
  • templates
  • bonus products resources
  • and unique insights

It’s the affiliate marketing strategy they’ve used themselves for years to top leader boards and make a daily passive income with affiliate ads.

Some of the things I noticed about Rapid Profit System were:

  • It’s newbie friendly but works for experience marketers as well
  • It helps you build your list WHILE you’re making sales and profit
  • It’s set and forget – even a long time after you’ve set it up, you’ll still earn commissions.

If you think it will help you get your business up and running by getting a look behind the scenes of someone who successfully do what you want to do, then this is for you.

Learn more here

Aug 21

More bad days than good?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Frankly, working from home can be overwhelming.

I got an email from a subscriber, and her todo list looked like a small novel. Ouch. No wonder, she got only a little done, because that was just too much.

And sometimes, when you’re your own boss, there are more bad days than good.

Because there’s so much you need to do, especially if you try to do it all yourself.

How do you survive?

How do you stay sane?

You get the Work from Home Rescue Kit here

Aug 18

There’s no mystery here

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I used to think making products (ebooks, videos, audios) was mysterious, something only the real ‘gurus’ could do.

That incorrect idea held me back for years. I regret it to this day.

You (yes, YOU!) can make your own products and sell them. I don’t care how much experience you have. Doesn’t matter how much money you make right now.

You have the knowledge and experience already to make products that people will buy. I have no doubt about that!

Now all you need is a blueprint to follow to take all the mystery out of product creation.

And that’s exactly what I’ve made for you. Hooray!

Start here:

Aug 18

Check here how you can make $3-5k/month

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Lila Jade made her first sale within two days.

She made $1,000 in net profit her first month.

Now she’s sharing her method, and you can realistically expect to make $3-5k per month with it.

The best thing is that you need…

  • NO inventory
  • NO list
  • NO designer
  • NO tech skills &

But if you want to speed up the process, you can send buying visitors to your shop for 1 cent.

So what’s it all about?

You publish printed clothing (and other printed products) online.

See how simple it is here

Aug 17

What does wine have to do with anything?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I’m not telling. πŸ™‚

But seriously, if you’re struggling to earn a good living doing online marketing, there’s a lesson to be learned from the different ways wine is made and how much work is involved.

You’ll see what I mean when you get a copy of my latest ebook:

As you can tell from that URL, this is about taking the mystery out of creating your own products. If that thought has always scared you – or if you think you aren’t experienced enough to do it – I urge you to get a copy and see why that’s wrong.

Making products changed everything for me. It was the difference between doing just ‘OK’ and making a nice monthly income.

And I did not wait until I felt like an expert. I started when I still had a lot to learn. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

So follow in my footsteps on this, please. You will slap yourself for waiting so long once you become a product creator yourself.

And you’ll find out what I’m talking about when it comes to wine.

Start here:

Aug 17

How to know what will sell

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

When I still wrote books for IDG Books Denmark, my editor told me about a million crown failure another publishing house had just made.

They’d published an expensive series of books they thought would sell… and sold none.


Even when you don’t have to pay up-front for your goods, it’s good to have an idea about what will sell and what won’t.

And the way Lila Jade shows you to do that inside TeeXplosion is pretty clever.

That means you can send traffic to products that are almost certain to make sales. Lila made a 3700% ROI, so she knows what she’s talking about.

If you think you can:

  • Type a few words of text.
  • Look at pictures.
  • Follow a guide.
  • Afford an extra $9 to get up and running.

And if you want to make money the fun and easy way, then this is for you. Absolutely. I know that I’m excited about it, and as soon as I’m done with the course I’m on, I’m going to try this out.

Get all the details now

Aug 16

What’s holding you back?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Do you have any products of your own out there selling and earning you monthly income?

If not, why?

It might be lack of confidence, or doubts about how to go about it, or maybe even a lack of ideas for products.

I know how you feel, no matter what’s holding you back. I’ve been there.

But making and selling your own stuff is the key to online success. It really is!

Nothing else I’ve done as an internet marketer even comes close. I write a lot, too (fiction and nonfiction), but when it comes to marketing, you gotta make your own products.

I want to help you get started. I’ve taken all I’ve learned about product creation and “demystified” it.

And now I’m sharing it with you here:

Please take a look. It will help you. I know it will.

Now is the time. You can do this!

Aug 16

3700% ROI

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Imagine paying $3.94 for ads and making $532.29 in revenue…

That’s what Lila Jade did, and inside the free bonus that comes with TeeXplosion, she shares how she did.

What’s most interesting is that you can set up a similar business in one day.

  • Can you type a bit of text? Then you can do this.

Like the name suggests, TeeXplosion is about selling t-shirts, but not the tired old way, which took a lot of time and money.

This way is awesome.

  • It’s fun.
  • It’s easy.
  • You can do it yourself.
  • You don’t carry any stock.
  • You don’t need a home page or a webhost.
  • It’s inexpensive (less than $10 to get up and running AND make money).

How awesome is that?

I’m doing a 5-week book camp at the moment, but as soon as I’m done and have time, I’ll set up such a store myself, simply because it seems like a fun and profitable idea.

And I love fun and profitable ideas πŸ˜€

You’re going to love this

Aug 15

$1K net profit first month

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

If you’re dreaming of something that’s easy to set up, demands almost no money, then you’ll leave what I’ve just discovered.

Normally, when you start an internet business, you need to invest. Not much, perhaps, but you need a home page, domain, autoresponder and stuff, and perhaps the most expensive part: ads to send traffic your way.

A few years ago, there was a lot of buzz about selling t-shirts on Facebook.

You “only” had to:

  • Buy a course for $1,000.
  • Find a designer.
  • Pay for Facebook ads.
  • Go broke.

Most of the people I heard from who’d bought the course, never used it.

Others made a little money, but considering the huge investment… Not worth it.

What Lila Jade and Bart Hennin share is another story. Well, at first, it was the same. Lila tried the t-shirt business. She went there, did that, and didn’t even get the t-shirt. She sold a little, but not enough to keep up with the money she had to pay for t-shirts and traffic.

So she made a list of conditions:

  • A marketplace with a huge number of targeted buyers
  • Where I could offer an unlimited number of shirts
  • Where I don’t personally manufacture the shirts and NEVER carry inventory nor ship anything…
  • Where the shirt design was as fast and simple as “copying and pasting a bit of text”
  • That I could start for less than $20

And she found what she was looking for. Within 2 days of starting her business, she made a sale, and within her first month, she made $1,000 in net profit.

Inside “TeeXplosion” she shares her secret.

You don’t need a designer. Her t-shirts are made with text only, and they sell!

She’ll show you how you’ll get your t-shirts made, and how you can send buyers to your shop for 1 cent per visitor.

Check it out. It’s awesome!

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