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Scary Most Popular Topic at Affsphere

By Britt Malka / September 14, 2008

The one showing up much larger than the others is a very wrong topic to be writing articles about.

…You can find it here: It’s cheap, but the content is worth a lot, if you would like to learn things like how to find a profitable niche and sending traffic to it.


How to Be an Affiliate Marketing Rockstar?

By Britt Malka / August 10, 2008

A quality landing page that has a call to action for your targeted visitors to do what you need them to do has excellent content that can either be texts that reviews the product, a video tutorial that lets visitors learns how to benefit and use the product well and a very conspicuous opt-in form. … There are different ways on how you can successfully make people go to your site through this means – article marketing or the use of written content and submitting it to directories for publishers to pick it up and drive people to your site, you can set up and maintain social network accounts and let people know about your affiliate sites, or you can tap on your contacts – especially the new media savvy ones like popular bloggers and or community managers to spread the word about your sites.

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