I wouldn’t have been where I am today, if I hadn’t participated in events. The ones I joined was local, in my city, and I would just love to go to a Warrior Even and meet fellow warriors.

People, who’ve participated, have loved it.

But it’s expensive, unless you live in the neighborhood. You have to get there, you have to stay in a hotel, dine out, maybe even pay for a babysitter… It all adds up.

The second best thing is to watch the videos.

I got peek access, and I must confess that I had a hard time choosing which video to watch first.

>> Get access to Warrior Event 2014 and my bonuses here <<<

My Cool Bonuses

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Hi :)

Okay, I hear you… Loud and clear.

GetResponse is down again. Or AWeber is down again. Or either is just not behaving like you want them to.

Here is what you should do about it:

Have a backup plan.

I’ve heard several marketers talk about how they actually are signed up for more than one auto-responder. But that’s not the solution.

And I’ll tell you why.

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Hi there :) How many times have you heard that “the money is in the list?” Probably more than a hundred, I would guess. And although money shouldn’t be the only reason why you would want to build a list, it’s still an important one.

So one Tuesday morning at 7:24, you decided that you were going to build a list. Only problem is… how do you catch people and drive them to your list?


When I started on the Internet in 1996, it was enough to write, “Sign up to get updates,” and people would sign up, and they would look forward to your updates. Back then, we were feeling immensely popular if we received more than ten emails per week, and updates to a site that had caught your interest… That was something to look forward to.

Nowadays? Ha! In most cases you need more. You need to offer your vict… er.. your prospect a delicious bait to make him bite the hook.

If you agree with me, then you’re probably already thinking, “Yeah, that’s all very well, but how do I create that bait?”

It’s not as hard as you think, and I’ll give you a blueprint to follow.

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Sendy auto-responder and money making onlineHi there :) Are you considering Sendy as your auto-responder? Are you in the money-making online business?

Then you have to know this… It will save you time and trouble.

And to tell you the truth, I was THAT close to giving up email marketing totally. I’ll tell you why. And I’ll also share with you the solution I found.

First some background story.

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Hi there :) A woman has the right to change her mind, doesn’t she? And up until recently, I said that I would NEVER go back to an auto-responder on my own domain.

Well, that was before I heard about Sendy and how this auto-responder script works on your domain but sends out mails through Amazon’s trusted SES.

Two days ago, I sent out my first mails with Sendy, and I’ll tell you about what I did, why I did it, where I had problems, what I loved, and more.

And as always: Please leave your questions and comments in the … yeah, comment’s area.

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Hi there :) Today, I was busy working, writing, washing clothes, unpacking boxes… and all of a sudden it was dark outside. So I decided to do today’s vlog challenge on my screen instead.

You might be glad I did, because I’m going to show you a forum, I’ve been frequenting ever since I heard about it the first time, which was in the beginning of last month.

It’s a very new forum and with a very new concept. You’ll find plenty of areas, each with a related expert. Alexa Smith is the expert in ClickBank and Article Marketing, Erica Stone is the expert in Amazon affiliate marketing, and you’ll find areas for copywriting, traffic, creativity, marketing, social marketing, authority sites, Kindle… There are PLENTY of areas, and you know what’s really cool? I’ll tell you…

When I joined the forum, somebody asked if we couldn’t get an area for Amazon affiliate marketing. I wrote that I found it a great idea, and if we could invite Erica Stone, it would be wonderful. A few days later, we had this new area, and Erica Stone had joined.

There’s another thing, and I forgot to mention that in the video (kick-myself-hard). That is the atmosphere on the forum. People are so nice! It’s just as if you’ve come home. That’s how I felt, and I read somebody else writing the same.

Here’s my video about this wonder-forum called Online Business Insiders, and a link where you can join for a very low monthly price.

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John Schwartz

Haha, yes, he did, and I wish I wrote this letter myself, so immediately after reading it, I contacted John to get his approval of posting the letter on my blog.

But I’ll let you read John’s controversial email yourself. I’m not afraid to admit that I agree with him. I’m lazy. I do take action, but I’m still lazy.

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When I play Rift (a great MMORPG, try it for free), and I kill monsters and beasts and other players, I often aquire the loot they drop. This can be old boots, cloth, coins, notebooks, and all kinds of junk.

You know what is really great about an online game like that? There are vendors that will take your junk and pay you money for it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen in real life, as well?

Think about it: Going down to the supermarket with bags full of used paper clips, warn out shoes, swimming suits that shrimped in the closet, used cinema tickets… and then having them pay you money for your junk?

Well, unfortunately real life doesn’t work like that. If it were, you could just raid the nearest trash can and grow rich.

This blog post is not about selling junk. It’s about how you and other people consider things that are free.

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email marketing

Many gurus suggest that, in email marketing, it’s important to ensure that the maximum number of people open your emails.

They are wrong. Actually, it’s more beneficial if fewer people view your email message.

Why is this?

Read on to discover why you could be making a huge mistake in trying to entice the maximum number of people to open your emails.

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This morning, it happened again. I received a letter with the kind words “Dear Firstname” as the introduction. I guess some Internet marketer has very red ears, now, when he’s discovered mistake. I’ve done it myself in the past, but I found a foolproof way to avoid it. (It works for me = proof.) And you can use the same method.

firstname Look at this letter 😀 And now read how to avoid it.

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