After I sent the below mail, I got a great question from a subscriber.

"Tempted by this one. Hmmmm….

Can you alter the words in posts so they’re not the same on every site?"

This was my answer:

Oh, yes, manually, right? You can’t do "spinning" codes in the plugin, but every post is a normal post and you can edit, add…

Here’s a picture I just took:

Editable text

Editable text

And here’s my original mail in case you didn’t get it.

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Today, I finished a 15,500 word story, and for some reason it made me lose energy for the rest of the day.

And yet, there was so much more I should have and would have done…

So I can only too well understand it, when people plan to set up money-making sites, but never get around to it, because it is very demanding.

Just for an Amazon review site, you need to:

  • Find a niche that has a potential to make money.
  • Buy a domain.
  • Set up a blog.
  • Pick relevant products.
  • Write content.
  • Set up social media accounts.

You need a lot of energy to get all that done. Energy, and knowledge.

Unique Amazon review site made for you

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This is totally off topic, and the explanation for this mail is that I heard about it from a friend who’s in the health business, and I simply loved this package.

First of all, I had no idea Tai Chi was so popular. But there are more than 300,000 monthly searches for that and related keywords.

Second, I heard about Tai Chi many years ago, because a friend was doing it. And I was fascinated by Worf whose Klingon fighting style is inspired by Tai Chi.

Did you know that it helps against stress, type 2 diabetes and much more?

I didn’t – until I got this package.

Before I downloaded it, I spoke with its creator, JR Lang. She seems like a very nice lady.

There’s a black cat on her picture, so we talked a bit about cats. Her cat Siss was a stray cat who got sick in JR’s backyard, so she saved her.

We also talked about the package 😀

Tai Chi PLR package

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Today, I wrote “The End” at the end of my third cozy mystery book. That gave me a really good feeling 🙂

In case you’re curious you can see my first two on Amazon here:

A Model for Murder:
Amber Alert:

Next phase is the editing…

I’m also starting a new series with a co-writer. It’s based on my KindleSpy findings and we’ve already had a lot of fun coming up with ideas, doing research and stuff.

This is a series I’m looking forward to writing.

Now… Amazon has a problem, though.

They don’t share royalties between two or more authors. We have to do that ourselves, and if there’s something I HATE then it’s fees.

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I wouldn’t have been where I am today, if I hadn’t participated in events. The ones I joined was local, in my city, and I would just love to go to a Warrior Even and meet fellow warriors.

People, who’ve participated, have loved it.

But it’s expensive, unless you live in the neighborhood. You have to get there, you have to stay in a hotel, dine out, maybe even pay for a babysitter… It all adds up.

The second best thing is to watch the videos.

I got peek access, and I must confess that I had a hard time choosing which video to watch first.

>> Get access to Warrior Event 2014 and my bonuses here <<<

My Cool Bonuses

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Hi there 🙂 If you’re like me and always strive to learn move and to get better, then you might be wondering if you should get Ryan Stevenson’s Azon Home Study Course or not.

Review of Azon Home Study Course (Azon Master Class) by Ryan StevensonI’m making this review to help you take a decision, and as always… if you still have unanswered questions after you’ve read this, please let me know what you want to know more about in the comments.

Let’s get started. I plan to tell you what you get, how the product is, what you can expect to learn from it, which shortcomings it has, what I liked the most about it, and what I didn’t like.

To give you a quick overview, the Azon Home Study Course is a course that can work on its own or in connection with products you already have. It goes right from picking the product/products, to find out their potential and to build the home page. Ryan promises to show his entire strategy, step-by-step.

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Hi there 🙂

Amazonian Profit PlanThere is a lot to learn about Amazon affiliate marketing, and I like to learn from different teachers who have each their own approach at  how it can be done.

I’ve been wanting to get the updated version of the Amazonian Profit Plan for a while, but I knew I wouldn’t have time before after the launch of my latest product, so I had to resist the temptation of just going there and buy.

Everything went smoothly with the launch, so yesterday I could finally get started. I made a little video of my first visual impressions.

You’ll see how the sales page looks, and how easy the purchase went (if you overlook the hard part of saying goodbye to money). Right after my purchase, I got a mail with access to a membership site, and oh, wow! But see for yourself in the video.

Right now, I’ll only deal with a small part of that membership site, the Amazon affiliate marketing related “Amazonian Profit Plan”. You might be interested in that one and not in the Kindle training, I’ll look at later, or the graphics, or the other training and how to… I’ll get back to it all later, but I’ll go through it all slowly to learn, take notes, and take action. More »

Sendy auto-responder and money making onlineHi there 🙂 Are you considering Sendy as your auto-responder? Are you in the money-making online business?

Then you have to know this… It will save you time and trouble.

And to tell you the truth, I was THAT close to giving up email marketing totally. I’ll tell you why. And I’ll also share with you the solution I found.

First some background story.

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How to Make Money on AmazonHi there 🙂 I started as an Amazon affiliate back in the last century. In fact, I’ve been an affiliate for so long that my main Amazon tracking ID doesn’t end in -20.

But, alas, I didn’t really make any income on Amazon until last year in October. Sure, a few dollars here and there, starting with two great products in 2010, but for some reason I never made Amazon affiliate marketing my business. That is about to change!

So when people got started before me, and especially when those people made $90K in less than two years with Amazon, I’m listening.

I bet you are, too, so let me share an oldie, but goodie: Chris Guthrie’s Top 18 Tips I’ve Used To Make $90k+ With with my comments and a few tips, you can use.

Oh, before I start… This blog post gets rather long, so you can download it to your Kindle instead, if you like. Just use the “Send to Kindle” button a bit further down to the right.

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This text was originally written to help people add Amazon links to their Squidoo lenses, but it was locked without warning by the wise Squidoo HQ gods.

So I decided to move it overhere, where I don’t “violate” any rules or otherwise behave like a criminal.

Want Your Own Amazon Affiliate Links?

Amazon affiliatelink

Squidoo has made it really easy for us to make money through Amazon’s affiliate program. You don’t even have to be signed up for. You can just use Squidoo’s own link and make (roughly) 4.25% commission of every sale.

But if you are signed up anyway, and you think you can sell more than six items per month, then you can make more Amazon money by using your own link.

In this lens, I’ll show you some simple, cool and elegant ways of using your own Amazon affiliate links in Squidoo lenses.

Image: Depositphotos

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