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Is Clickbank Good or Bad?

By Britt Malka / December 8, 2017

One of my subscribers had bought a product about affiliate marketing, and I bought it at his recommendation. The next day he asked me: “He doesn’t even mention Clickbank. What are your thoughts on that. Is Clickbank good or bad?” The Question Is Not As Simple as Clickbank Being Good or Bad For an affiliate, […]


This Is a Problem

By Britt Malka / May 8, 2016

Are you an affiliate marketer? Then you’ve probably met this problem: You’re doing YouTube videos, sending viewers directly to the product without building your list, You’re using Facebook ads, sending viewers… ah, you got it. I knew you were smart 😀 But doing that is a problem, because it means you have to work harder […]


Is Periscope for you?

By Britt Malka / October 7, 2015

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of products containing the name “Periscope”. Since I was busy doing other stuff, I didn’t check it, but accepted that there was a new buzz thing in town. Then I heard about Periscope in a product by Chris Record. He showed some videos he’d made with it and how he […]


Live demo of new tool now [SV #4]

By Britt Malka / June 28, 2015

I don’t like Facebook, but I have to admit that people are gathering there. Over time, Facebook have changed their rules and their way of treating posts and links and stuff. In fact: Facebook wants you to stay on their site I can’t blame them. If I’ve spend a lot of energy, getting traffic to […]

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