Market Research

Let’s imagine that one morning, while you prepare breakfast, you get this sizzling idea: What if I opened a morning restaurant, serving bacon and eggs for busy business people?

This might work really well. So you grab the newspaper and search for small restaurants for rent, and you find one you can afford.

What will your next step be?

Hopefully, you said, “market research” before you invested money in renting the restaurant, hiring people, cleaning up the place, maybe even paint and repair… Only to find out that you’re in the middle of an orthodox jewish quarter.

Now, if instead your idea was to set up a blog about a topic close to your heart – would you start out by doing market research?

Well, you should.

True, the invested money isn’t going to blow your budget, but you’ll have to invest a lot of time in the project. Even if you’re a one-man or one-woman operation.

Here’s a short overview of what  you can do.

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virtual_ilikeyou.jpgGetting your business noticed used to mean distributing business cards, pamphlets and launching a commercial spot here and there. Today, however, the marketing scene is very different. Digital marketing efforts, including social media optimization, are the keys to a successful marketing campaign. Social media optimization allows you to grab website content and make it social media friendly, which allows you to spend time building your brand identity on various social media outlets such as Facebook and more.

Why Social Media Optimization Matters

Social media optimization is yet another way to drive more traffic to your website in hopes of converting those visits into sales. Social media is a strong referral source for those who are looking to build brand identity and drive more targeted traffic to their websites. In order to get the most out of your social media efforts, you need to optimize your content. This means that the content you want to share needs to be interesting and should be easily shareable amongst your followers. More »

In life there will always be surprises. When you need to pay an unexpected expense, you might not know where to turn, especially if you have a tight budget. There are a number of options for getting money when you need it, and one of those options is a payday loan. This type of loan has a quick application and payout process, but it may not be the best option for everyone. Here are some things to consider when you need to get some money fast.

The Amount You Need

A payday loan differs from a traditional bank loan in many ways, the the biggest difference is the amount you can borrow. Payday loans are for people who need to borrow small amounts and want to pay them back quickly. Banks will usually only lend you larger amounts and they will give you long repayment options. If you need less than $2000, a payday loan can be your best option. More »

As people begin to prepare for their year-end holiday festivities, those who are in the tax preparation industry are beginning to prepare for a busy tax preparation season that kicks off at the first of the New Year. For some, this is a routine process: downloading updates to existing tax preparation software packages, ordering new file folders and even hiring a marketing firm to begin the process of creating a new campaign for the newest tax season. However, for those who are looking to start a tax preparation business, the steps aren’t quite as clear cut. Here are a few tips on how to start a tax preparation business that can help you get started. More »

While most people do not give a lot of thought to PowerPoint presentations, the truth is that a high quality, professional, and engaging slideshow can take some time and a lot of effort to create. Unless you’re lucky enough to pull creativity out of thin air, you can expect to need to set aside time to sketch out draft ideas, look over sample and similar slideshows for inspiration, and then get to work on creating your own slideshow. But if you don’t have that kind of free time, or you simply would rather not be bothered with all of the hassle, consider outsourcing your PowerPoint project needs to a custom designer.


Today’s web designers are also branching out to Microsoft PowerPoint and similar programs, so if you’re in need of a professional, elegant slideshow, then a designer like those found at will certainly be able to help you out.

What you can expect from a custom PowerPoint slideshow designer:

  • fast turnaround time – often within two business days
  • slideshows in draft form for you to look over and make revisions on
  • requests for drafts and ideas as a starting point
  • quality, error-free guarantee

In the retail world, every merchant needs to have a safe and effective method to collect money from customers. These days, a significant percentage of shoppers choose to buy items online rather than local brick and mortar stores. Therefore, there has to be a convenient way for making electronic purchases when shopping online. The eCommerce industry has evolved tremendously to accommodate the virtual retail marketplace. Shopping carts are integrated into online stores that accept credit cards as a form of payment. A merchant account is used to collect money from any purchases made by credit card and other forms of electronic transfer.

Some online store owners have the option of opening up a merchant account that comes with minimum fees. For example, most credit card processing agencies charge a commission fee that is based on the total transaction made by each customer. Some companies might charge flat monthly rates for managing merchant accounts. Certain websites may have a difficult time with opening up a merchant account for several reasons. For instance, some merchandise is considered to be high risk according to payment processors. Such an attitude is developed due to the frequency of credit card fraud. For example, thieves use stolen credit and debit cards to buy items in bulk. The price per each product is inexpensive and therefore thieves think that it’s possible to get away. When there are disputes with credit card payments, the merchant account may be temporarily frozen due to investigations.

Certain credit card processors simply do not want to accept high risk clients. Some products qualify for a high risk label including traditional tobacco cigarettes and modern electronic cigarettes. Adult websites also qualify as being high risk merchants that sell services and subscriptions online. Opening up an e-cig merchant account is an example of managing a high risk eCommerce operation. Ethical merchants agree to a full investigation that may result in complete refunds of unauthorized credit card spending.

Duet to taxes and other fees collected by the government regulations, some controlled products in the United States are part of the high risk merchant industry. Great merchant account managers offer viable offers for online shops that would like to sell “risky” items to the rest of the world. International shipping of certain products also contributes to a high risk of a merchant account. For example, shipping and returns may be very expensive for small online businesses.

Oh, this infographic rouses memories…

No, not back the cave man, thank you, I’m not that old, but several years back.

For instance back in 2004, I was contacted by a man who wanted to sell me access to post videos online. Videos online? Oh wow! It wasn’t even possible to send them by email, because they were so big. This would only cost me $97 per month, and video was the future, he assured me.

Or a few years earlier, when I received an email in Russian. I asked a Russian friend what it said, all excited about this strange mail. “It’s spam,” he answered. I was very disappointed.

I believed him, but found his product too expensive. The year after, YouTube was created, and you could now host your video for free.

But take a look at this infographic. There are a lot of interesting details. Lead generation has existed for many years.

Have you seen the first banner ad on the Internet? Do you think it would work today? I think it would. And it’s funny that this first ad actually formed the standard for millions of future banner ads, all made in the size 468×60.

And as you can see, man has always been social. Right from the beginning. We just have it much easier today. More »

Hi there 🙂

what do you thinkWhen we lived in France, my husband and I were both teaching people how to use the computer. He’s French, so he knew the language well. I didn’t… I had three years of French in high-school. But I knew how to teach Word, Excel and stuff like that. So this was my springboard to speaking better French.

One day, when we were out shopping, I met one of my pupils in the supermarket. She was serving juice to customers in the hope that we would buy. We stopped, tasted the juice, bought two bottles, and then we chatted a littled.

She asked me if I would mind that she came home to me to do a survey. Then she would offer me some samples to thank me for my help.

You see… That was a job back then. Companies paid people to call and do surveys, or to visit people and do surveys.

Nowadays, the companies still pay, but they’ve skipped the middleman, and you get paid instead.

If you live in Australia, you can find out how to make money online by doing paid surveys, getting cashback and other things here.

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web design and hosting packagesA website requires something known as a host in order to function properly. There is no website in existence that does not have a host.

Every one of those websites also has to have web design to it.

When looking to set up a website, it is important to look for web design and hosting packages.

When the two are put together like this, the price tends to be lower than if the two parts were purchased separate of one another. This is why the smart website creator will make sure to wait until one of these packages comes along that is set at a fair price.

The first host that comes along is not always the one to select. There is a chance that the host will not always have all of the right features. It also may not be at the right price to make it affordable.

Instead, it is wise to wait until all of the stars align to get the right package at the right price with the right host.

A website that has been created without some of these elements will immediately being to show flaws. People will not want to visit such a website, and the whole thing will be a disaster. It is nice though when it all comes together perfectly and people actually take the time to visit the website. 

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