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Jun 15

Why We No Longer Use arpReach as Auto-Responder

By Cyril Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews , List Building

We were using Sendy as an autoresponder when my wife, Britt, found arpReach. She liked the product a lot since it could do things Sendy couldn’t (and still can’t as far as I know) and which she found very useful. She bought the so-called “Gold” license. According to arpReach, the Gold license gave right to the script for lifetime on five domains.

arpReachgold (2)

Since Britt liked the product, she recommended it to other people and, as an affiliate sold several licenses. Enough to earn her $ 225… Or should I say: Enough to earn her $ 225 if arpReach had paid the commission they owed her.Continue reading

Mar 28

Is There a Future for Squidoo?

By Cyril Malka | Traffic

My wife usually asks me a lot of questions: What do we eat this evening? When is my second coffee ready? When are you going to make chicken in peanuts again? All that kind of things that can be important to a woman to know.

A couple of days ago, she explained to me what was happening on Squidoo and then she asked me: Why do they do that? I mean, they must be able to see that people don’t dare to write anymore. They are losing writers, good writers, and yet, they go on? Would you like to make a vglol… vlgol.. video about it?Continue reading

Nov 14

And what about Tiffany’s lipstick?

By Cyril Malka | Guests & Paid Reviews

I am Cyril Malka, Britt’s husband, and she actually asked me to write a post on her blog (I always admired my wife’s courage!). My own blog – – is about psychology.

I wanted to make a funny video, but it ended up beeing serious… Well, kind of.

What do Tiffany’s (flashy) lipstick, my wife’s accent and my T-shirts have in common? Explanation in this video.

If there is over 20 likes of any kind at the bottom of this, I might risk another one.



Continue reading

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