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Jul 28

Nothing to sell… yet?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

It’s hard to get buyers on your list, if you have nothing to sell.

Sure, you can contact vendors and offer them your freebie, but…

  • They might say, ‘no thanks’
  • Or worse: They might say, ‘who are you’?
  • They might even say ‘yes’, but nobody wants your freebie, because, face it, freebies are often crap.

The best way to get buyers on your list, is by having a product yourself, and if you make cheatsheets, with a twist, you’ll almost certainly make sales and get affiliates on board (thanks to the twist).

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Jul 27

What’s so interesting about buyers?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Everybody is talking about the difference between having buyers on your list or freebie seekers.

As if wanting something for free was so bad 😉

It isn’t.

But there’s still a difference. Can you guess what it is?

Sure, buyers have money, unless they just spent their last dollar on your product, but more importantly, they are raising their hands in response to two questions:

  • Do you open your emails?
  • Do you buy products?

Want that kind of people on your list?

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Jul 26

Eager openers

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

If you were to build a list…

Would you rather have:

  • A: People who’ve already proven that they open emails
  • B: People who might or might not open emails

on your list?

I would pick A anytime. The question is: How do you get that kind of people on your list?

I share that inside “Get Paid to Build Your List”.

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Jul 25

How to get paid to build your list

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Normally, it costs a lot of money, time, sweat and energy to build a list.

I remember back in the days where I wrote several articles daily, just to get a few opt-ins.

To build a list you need:

  • A freebie.
  • A squeeze page.
  • Traffic.
  • An autoresponder.

And after you’ve spent all that money and time, there’s no guarantee that your subscribers will open your emails.

How would you like instead to get paid to build your list?

You can do that now, thanks to my new product that has launched a couple of minutes ago.

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Jul 24

The money is NOT in the list

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

No, it’s not the heat that’s turning my brain into porridge.

Besides, you knew it all the time, didn’t you?

That oh-so-popular thing called “a list” and which everybody talks about…

Bovine Droppings!

Every aspiring marketer knows that building a list costs money.

  • First you have to sign up for an autoresponder, and those scrupulous owners charge you a fortune.
  • You don’t stand a chance to make that money back, because you have crickets on your list. Well, no, but your mother refuses to buy from you.
  • Sending traffic to your squeeze page costs so much that you haven’t dared to do it yet.
  • And what if it doesn’t convert?
  • Even if it converts, will the new subscribers as much as open your emails?


And then they say the money is in the list.


Okay, that was fun to write 😀 But you know me. I’ve been telling you for years to build a list, and although all the above, sadly, is true, there are ways…

There are ways you could get paid to build your list.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Jul 21

Out of plane without parachute

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Did you know that I’ve done several parachute jumps?

Well, I did. Have pictures to prove it, except that it’s impossible to see that it’s me, hanging up there under the T-10 screen.

I would never have left the plane if I hadn’t had the near certainty that my parachute would unfold and bring me back to earth, safely.

I recommend jumping without parachute.

Not when it comes to exiting a plane, but when it comes to your business.

Have you noticed that whenever you have something to “fall back on”, then you never really take off?

That’s it. You have to have urgency. You have to have that jump master kicking you and telling you to do it now, now, now!

When you’re there, freefalling from the sky, you need something soft to grab you. I recommend having emails that are proven to give results.

How do you write those?

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Jul 20

Is $15 too much for an autoresponder? (Ouch)

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Back in 2006 or so, one of my marketer friends told me to use Aweber as an autoresponder.

My stomach clenched just at the thought of signing up and committing myself to paying $15 per month, which was the price back then.

Fifteen dollars?

Are you crazy?

That’s a lot of money.

It took me more than a year to finally dare, and that did two things:

  • I’m stingy, so I wanted to make that money back, which made me more productive.
  • I found out that $15 wasn’t a lot of money to pay for having a business.

Now, the problem is, if you’re a beginner, then how do you make back the $15 or $20 per month an autoresponder will cost you?

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Jul 18

Important if you have a small list

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Normally, you don’t know where people are coming from and what their conditions are.

The guy who writes to you and tries to make you buy his stuff… is he sitting in his pajamas in his mother’s basement? Or does he jot down a few words in a train on his way to a day-job?

You don’t know.

You don’t know, either, if the hundreds of dollars he’s making daily is because of a list of 1,000 subscribers or 100,000.

I once knew. A marketer approached me and told me about his list size, and it was impressive. 250,000 or so (from memory). He wanted to promote one of my products, and I did a happy dance.

Woah, man! Let the champagne flow, we’re rich, baby.

The guy sold two copies.

Talk about waste.

If you have a small list, you cannot afford to waste your emails. You have to make every mail count.

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Jul 17

Your dream email message

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Imagine that you sit next to your computer. You start your email client, and the mails tick in.

You spot one email that you want to open right away.

What does it say? What does the subject line say?

What is inside your dream email?

Please hit reply, because I’m a woman, I’m Scorpio, and I’m curious 😀

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