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Oct 25

Some quick and easy tricks I use to get more done

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I recently went through a tough time trying to stay focused and get my work done.

It was a struggle.

Ever go through a rough patch like that?


I would bet pretty much everybody hits stretches where working from home gets really hard.

Well, my recent trouble was really getting on my nerves, so I decided to do some research to find some “off the beaten path” solutions.

What I wanted was short-term fixes. Not the typical things everyone already says to do. Some of those are hard to do, cost a lot, or just don’t work.

So I spent a fair amount of time looking and – most importantly – testing solutions.

You know me. I’m always tinkering and testing stuff. 🙂

What I ended up with was about a dozen simple, quick, and mostly free tricks that actually worked for me.

I’d like to share them with you. And I’ve included a handy cheatsheet and tracking sheets for each of the strategies. That way, you can be more organized as you try them to find what works best for you.

You have to get stuff done when you’re the boss and you work from home. There’s no way around it. If you don’t do it, no one will. Right?

So let me help you with these simple and quick solutions. They worked for me. I think they will for you, too.

Here’s everything you need:

Aug 10

Ashamed of What You’re Doing?

By Britt Malka | Email Marketing

We call it “earning an honest living” when we go to a job every day and work for eight hours, serving somebody else.

Unless you’re employed as an executioner or tax collector, you’re probably not ashamed of what you’re doing.

But as soon as we move over to being self-employed… Now, THAT’s a different animal.

One of my subscribers told me his story:

I hate the thought of people thinking I am just promoting because profits are involved. Even when you assure people you wouldn’t recommend anything if it wasn’t worth the money, skepticism sets in. Even when I write articles recommending something valuable I am skeptical.

Is this something you recognize in yourself?

What Will People Think?

It’s buried deep inside us, the fear of other people’s thoughts about us.

In most cases, it’s not even relevant. How much are you thinking of what other people are doing? Do you spend hours wondering if this marketer is promoting solely to make money, or is it something you decide in a split second?

Most people are like that. They don’t spend their days thinking about you. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is, and this is both good and bad.

On the good side, it means you can relax. You’re not all that important to your list subscribers or blog readers.

Stop Wasting Time by Thinking about What People Are Thinking

You’re not changing people’s thoughts just by thinking about it.

Only your actions will change their minds, if they – in the first place – thought you were promoting only to make money. But maybe they never believed that, and you were worrying without good reason.

She’s So Generous, She Says…

Have you ever noticed how people, who claim to be something, often are the opposite?

Like the man telling everyone who cares to listen that he’s so generous… He’s often very stingy.

And the woman, who tells everyone how she never badmouthes people, and how she only speaks nice about other people… Yes, make sure you never turn your back on her, because she’ll badmouth you and stab you in your back.

And don’t use the same methods yourself, because your acts will speak louder.

If you’re an honest marketer, your subscribers will know. It might take time, but it’s the best way to let them know.

Or they will be like our dog, Tikva, when she was a puppy.

Her foster mother had been hit by a man, and somehow her fear transferred over to Tikva.

So when our son came home to live with us again, Tikva growled at him.

It didn’t help either that he had very fast movements, moving his hand fast towards her when he wanted to caress her.

Grrrrrr, said Tikva.

“You’re moving too fast,” said my husband. “Try slower movements towards her.”

My son is digital, like me, so he moved his hand extremely slowly towards Tikva. You could see what she was thinking. “Now what? How is he plotting to kill me now? He’s after something, I know it.”

Grrrrr, she said out aloud.

But Danni’s acts told her that she could trust him. He never hit her. He was always nice towards her, and after a while, because he gave it time, she loved him.

That kind of love is worth waiting for.

Doubt Your Own Acts?

Should you doubt your own intentions?

Yes. Because when you’re promoting stuff, you could be cheating yourself without wanting to. So it’s always important to investigate your intentions.

  • The product you’re promoting… is it a good choice for your audience?
  • Are you promoting it, because the nice product creator asked you to do it, and you hate letting him down?
  • Are you promoting it, because it’s an okay product, and it can make you a boatload of money because it has a crazy high conversion?
  • Or are you promoting it, because you love the product yourself and you feel certain that many of your subscribers will like it, too?
  • And you’re making money promoting it, but you truly believe it will help your list?

It’s not always black and white and easy to figure out.

It’s easy to get influenced by other people’s opinion. If everybody else is promoting a product, you didn’t like, maybe you’re wrong?

Maybe, yes, but it’s better to not promote in that case. Follow your intuition. And the following might help you make sure you’re doing the right thing, if you choose to promote:

Ask yourself this question: Would you tell your best friend to buy it because it would be really helpful to her?

(Assuming your best friend is in the same business, of course.)

Trust Yourself

If you’ve doubted your intentions, and analyzed them, and now you’re certain that you’re promoting this product, because it’s a good thing for your self, then stop doubting yourself.

Don’t worry about what people might think or might not think. That’s their problem.

You’re honest. You’re promoting something that will help them. You’re making money in the process, yes, but you earn that money in an honest way: You’re making a connection between a product creator and a customer who has a problem.

You’re solving a problem.

Isn’t it fair that you make money by solving problems for people?

Of course it’s fair, so don’t be ashamed of making money by doing a good thing.

If you’re wondering about what you should write in your daily mails, then this free report will be a huge help for you.

Jul 20

Desktop autoresponder? Email Jeet 2.0 Review

By Britt Malka | List Building

Can you do email marketing from your desktop?

With a stand-alone mailer?

Well, that’s how I started out many years ago (around 2004).

I used my mail client, strong filters, perl code (don’t ask!), text files and some clever download routines. I wouldn’t now how to set that up today.

But since then I’ve used the traditional autoresponder, like AWeber, and self-hosted. The latter means that I have to install a script and run the autoreponder from one of my domains.

I don’t mind – in fact, I like it, but if you’re new to marketing, you might not want to do the same.

When I heard about a low-priced alternative, a program, you install on your computer, I was very interested.

Desktop Version

The autoresponder is called Email Jeet, and it’s created by Cyril Gupta.

I got review access to it yesterday, installed it, imported a list of subscribers and sent a mail.

There is a lot to say about this program.



First of all, it’s easy to install, and I was up and running without even checking the tutorials.

You can import subscribers from a text file or a csv file.

It’s easy to set up SMTP connections to send the mails, and it was very fast to send the mails.

There’s a built-in WYSIWYG editor, making it easy to format your mails.

You can schedule mails or send immediately.

You can use your webhost’s SMTP, an SMTP service like SendGrid, or even the built-in SMTP server.


The mail showed my email as sender, not my name.

You cannot mail non-openers again, and you cannot mail one list and remove members of another list.

There is no personification – meaning you cannot write "Hi [sub_fname]" and have the mailer insert the name.

You can only add new subscribers by importing files, not by adding a single new subscriber.

There are templates, but you cannot add your own, and the text you write, doesn’t show up on Preview, if you use a template.

You can, though, create a full HTML mail and upload it as a template, and it will work. That’s what I did yesterday.

You can’t set up a mail sequence to go out depending on when people sign up. Only broadcast.

You can create mailing lists, but not tag subscribers.


You won’t see many professional marketers use this – promote it, yes, no doubt. I would love to see Cyril Gupta’s own mail today to see if he’s using it.

For a beginner to email marketing, I think it’s an okay solution. Low-priced, one time payment, and you can export your list later, when you outgrow Email jeet 2.

For advanced marketers it can be handy for a quick mail now and then. I used it for such a mail yesterday, where it came handy, because I could combine two very different mailing lists, but otherwise I wouldn’t use it.

Otherwise, it seems like a fine, stable and working solution.

If you qualify as new to email marketing, take a look here:

May 08

My dishonest review of Affiliate Trax

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

I’m challenged.

NO! Not mentally, who said that?

No, the challenge came from one of the product creators behind "Affiliate Trax".


If only one man holds the honest truth, then the rest of us are liars.

So now you know what to expect 😉

Anyway, I’m going to challenge Brett and do an honest review of Affiliate Trax.

What Is Affiliate Trax

The product consists of three parts:

  • Training – learn from the holder of the only source of honest truth, Brett Rutecky, and his partner (who does things in other ways) Mike from Maine, how to do affiliate marketing.
  • Tracking tool for list building – this is pure genius, and I’ll tell you more about it further down.
  • The agency – meaning the software – for you to resell.


You can get Affiliate Trax here ==>

How’s the Training?

Continue reading

May 08

This Is a Problem

By Britt Malka | Affiliate Marketing , Money Online

Are you an affiliate marketer?

Then you’ve probably met this problem:

  • You’re doing YouTube videos, sending viewers directly to the product without building your list,
  • You’re using Facebook ads, sending viewers… ah, you got it.

I knew you were smart 😀

But doing that is a problem, because it means you have to work harder and pay more every time, instead of being able to re-contact the people you’ve already contacted once. Even though they bought from your link previously.

Later today (10 AM EST) there’s a webinar that will show you how to overcome that problem easily.

Sign up here now ==>

May 05

Let me help you create a product – I’ll even promote it to my list!

By Britt Malka | Product Creation

Eric Louviere charges $1500 for this.

Sean Mize takes $500.

And you still have to do all the work – without guidance.


Less than half, AND I guide you the whole way.

Hold your hand and show you day-by-day how to spend 30 minutes, and end up with a product.

You know why?

Because I care.

Sure, I could take $500 and ask you to let me know when your sales page and product is ready, and then I could mail.

That would be a great offer.

Like selling you a fish (but let you fry it yourself).

It would be worth it. My latest WarriorPlus offers has sold more than Sean Mize’s.

But I prefer to teach you how to fish.

And to give you a new and better habit.

Then, when you’re done, after 24 days, I’ll mail about your product if it’s a fit for my list.

Do yourself a great favor.

Start here today ==>

PS The price will go up to $299 tomorrow at 11 AM EST as mentioned earlier, so make sure you get in now.

May 05

Unicorns not included

By Britt Malka | List Building

"Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud." – Maya Angelou


That’s beautiful, isn’t it?

I had to look up the author and when I saw her picture, I remember hearing about her death two years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve never been familiar with her literature, but she’s certainly left a lot of inspirational quotes.

How can you lighten up somebody’s day?

Continue reading

May 04

Nefnef snubbing her chance

By Britt Malka | Traffic

On our way to the park today, Nefnef and I passed a photographer and a bride.

We see them all the time. The married couple have their pictures taken outside Bay Club or in the park.

The photographer called out to us, asking if he could borrow the dog for a moment for some pictures.

My dog, famous? 😀

Why not?

So I headed in direction of Bay Club with Nefnef on the leash.

Except my dog found this a bad idea, so close to her tree… So she put down her front paws, scratching furrows on the ground in perfect comic book style and refused.

Oh, well, fame will be for another time then.

But it’s funny how being in a photo or a video matters, isn’t it?

I told my husband, Cyril (not that I have other husbands than him), years ago to do podcasts, and later video podcasts.

He’s getting new clients daily, selling books on CreateSpace and from his blog, mainly because of his presence on the web. And especially from media that includes sound and video.

Yeah, that’s ten years he’s been doing it.

Today, things are a lot easier than back in 2006.

You can use services like Periscope or SnapCat or similar and make fame and fortune.

This is absolutely worth checking out, and I’ve set up a course that shows you how you can do it.

No fur nor furrows.

Put your paws in the air and say ‘yay’ to this ==>

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