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Creating a Blog? How to Easily Get Your ‘About’, ‘Contact’, and Boring ‘Privacy’ Pages Made

It’s funny to create new blogs. You’re probably like me – you get an idea, you buy a domain, and you create a new blog on it.bored

Oh, and I love the finding a theme part, or even creating it myself.

But when my first couple of blog posts are written, sight… Now the boooooring part. I hate it.

Every blog has to (gna-gna-gna) have an “About”, a “Contact” (gosh!), a “Disclaimer” (aren’t we done, yet?), a “Disclosure”, and a “Privacy” part… erm, page to satisfy Google and other institutes. (Does anybody even read that stuff?)

Well, if there’s no way around, you could just as well get this job done as fast and easily as possible, right? Here’s how…


Let’s start out easy. The About-page. You know who you are. You can easily write about it. Unless you’re making the official presidential blog, there’s not need to go: “Britt Malka is a wellknown, famous author, and was born in Denmark“, etc. etc. Yawn!

You can be more personal. Why not write: “Hi there, my name is Britt Malka. I just LOVE what I’m doing, and I have the life style that people dream about. And I’m teaching others how to get there.

Well, don’t write that, of course. Write about yourself. Not me. At least not on your About page.


According to my latest research about the alphabet, About is closely followed by Contact.

You can just put your e-mail address on that page, click-able, and wait for the spam to pour in.


Well, okay, then. What I do is to create a free form online, and when people use it, I get the e-mail directly from this form. Contactify.com is the place, you want to visit. It’s easy, quickly done, and did I mention free? I guess, I did.

Obs! Remember to put http:// in the link to your contact form. I forgot that. Correcting it now.


You need a disclaimer to protect yourself. Make it as sweatless as possible to create it by using this generator: http://www.easyriver.com/free_disclaimer.htm You only have to fill in your site name, email, country, and company name.

Create a Disclosure Page

You need a disclosure, if you’re writing about other people’s stuff, and especially if you have something to gain from it, like money.

It’s easy to create a disclosure, if you just answer 6 questions on this site: http://disclosurepolicy.org/

That will give you a disclosure site to copy and paste on your blog.

Privacy Policy Generator

In order to generate a privacy policy for your site, you could either search for a generator, or use this one (the first I found): http://www.serprank.com/privacy-policy-generator/

Again, it’s easy. You just check the names of the advertisers you’re using (like Google AdSense). If in doubt – put a check mark against it.

That’s It – You’re Done

And so will I be in a moment, when I have created the same pages for my latest blog.

Any tips about doing this even faster or easier? Please let me know in the comments.

Henrik Blunck - June 9, 2010

You have written disclaimer twice under disclosure, so I suspect you may have copied (CTRL+C) and pasted (CTRL+V) that part – and overlooked the duplicate word that should have been changed.

Boy, do I love to do online proof-reading. 🙂

All joking aside, it’s good you remind us of these needed pages. I will have to admit I have forgotten these pages on many of my blogs. It might add some PageRank to the blogs to include these pages, so I will say a heartfelt “merci” since the word in English triggers certain things. 🙂

    Britt Malka - June 14, 2010

    Yeah, I know, but thanks. I found out way before I picket up your comment from the spam folder 😉

Deb Augur - June 9, 2010

Terrific suggestions and links to get these pages done in a flash. Thanks for sharing. This will help a lot of people! I’m on my way over to the Disclosure site now… I forgot that one! Btw, I use a plugin called “Contact Form 7” on my blog. It’s super easy to use. Just thought I’d share that.

Cyril Malka - June 9, 2010

Huuuummm… Honey?

When you write about boring stuff… How come you put a picture of /me/ on the blog?

Be careful of your answer, or I could mix sugar and arsenic next time I make tea for you [Big-showing-Teeth-Smile]

Signed: the husband (man on the picture!)

Henrik Blunck - June 9, 2010

I know why she does it. It’s because you’re so inspiring you’re the best counterweight to the boring content she writes…. I mean: when she does write about boring content as in this case. 😉

Before I get into trouble I might as well get over to the second blog to add all these “interesting” pages. 🙂

Tina - June 10, 2010

LOL! Loved the comment above from the husband. Thanks for sharing!

    Britt Malka - June 10, 2010

    He, he, yeah, haven’t figured out what to answer, yet 😉 Truth is I searched for pictures that showed somebody either asleep over the keyboard, or bored, and got a lot of boring pictures. Then I search my own hard drive, and thought my husband looked slightly bored on this picture. (Sipping coffee very carefully now.)

kingsley - June 24, 2010

This is great. You generate those things. But why not get a lawyer to have a custom made for you. Yee, it will cost you alot but really, this is great. A place to start and it will help a lot of people.
Thanks my great friend.

    Britt Malka - June 24, 2010

    Good question. The thought never occurred to me. Maybe because I’m not used to lawyers knowing about such stuff. In France, the lawyers I’ve met have been almost ignorant about the Internet, and besides, they don’t speak English. How much do you pay a lawyer to come up with those pages?

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