AdSense Secrets 5 Review – Can Joel Comm Help You Make Money With AdSense?

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AdSense Secrets 5 reviewTo say that “AdSense Secrets” changed my life is a vast understatement. When I first heard about this eBook, back in 2005, I was making less than a couple of cents per day, so even though Joel Comm promised that you could ten double that amount, I didn’t think it could help me.

I used some free advice to grow my income, and then I got hold of AdSense Secrets version 2. Some small changes made a huge impact, so I purchased AdSense Secrets 3.0, when it came out. I also have AdSense Secrets 4 and now AdSense Secrets 5.

Below, you can see my first statistics from AdSense. I tested the system by clicking one of the ads, and when I couldn’t see any trace of it, I contacted AdSense to ask if this stuff was working or not. The kind employee told me that it was against their rules to click on your own ads. He, he, those were the days…

AdSense Secrets 5 review

What AdSense Secrets 5 Is All About

In short, Joel Comm put AdSense on his sites several years ago, and made only a little more than I did. He figured that he could do better and started testing and tweaking.

He found out which placements were the best, which colours to use, and which sizes and types were the best.

He multiplied his income many times, just like I did, after I followed some of the advice he gave. Each new version has been an improvement. If you want to make money with AdSense, this book is a must. I bet that everybody would agree to that. Joel Comm is THE expert on AdSense.

The Best Feature Of AdSense Secrets 5

Even though I’ve read AdSense Secrets 2, 3, 4 and now 5, I still learn something new from Joel Comm. In version 4 I learnt a sneaky trick to split test ads. This time, I learnt that you can change the font size and type… Hm, I should have known, but I hadn’t found out myself. I also changed the colour scheme in agreement with Joel’s recommendations. He also taught me a smart trick about how to use AdSense for search in a effective manner.

How Does That Help Me? … And You!

Even small tweaks can have a huge impact on your income. That’s what I’ve learnt over time. And with this book in your hand, you’ll get inspiration to do those changes. You’ll learn what will probably work best, and what to do if your site is different.

What That Means Is…

That you can be sure to make as much AdSense income as possible. Even though I haven’t added new content to my biggest site for years, I still tweak the ads after Joel’s advice. And it works. The income increases, and the click through rate increases. That’s good, isn’t it? 😀

What I Like About AdSense Secrets 5

My favourite chapter is probably Chapter 3: How To Tweak Your Ads To Make Them Click! – The Principles Of Optimization. It reminded me that you can always do better, although you already have a high click through. However, I liked the whole book. You can really tell that it’s written by an expert on the topic.

What I Don’t Like About AdSense Secrets 5

One of the chapters… Chapter 2 – Signing up made easy 😉 Well, since I already had an AdSense account, I skipped this chapter, but I admit… It’s a must for a beginner.

If You Want To Make Money With AdSense, You MUST Get This Book

To be honest, this is not a matter of should you or should you not. There’s only one option. I made the mistake of not buying the book right away (it was $97 back then), and I later found out that my hesitation time had cost me around $1,800.

If this review has helped you make a decision, I would be happy if you would use my affiliate link:

I couldn’t think of a fitting bonus, but if you would like one of my products as a bonus, please contact me. You can find me through the tab “Contact“.

5 thoughts on “AdSense Secrets 5 Review – Can Joel Comm Help You Make Money With AdSense?”

    1. You will not regret it. There are other great AdSense products around, but I think that Joel Comm’s is the most thorough I’ve seen, and it’s a must. Basis knowledge, and then some.

  1. I never realised that Joel was the Adsense guru. I have always liked his products. I bought 100kAdsense Blueprint the other day but am not totally happy with the product. Although I am not a newbie I need a clear and concise guide through the vagaries of Adsense was wondering whether to get a refund on the 100k blueprint and then get Joel’s product. Chapter 3 sounds what I need – tweaking ads seems to be the one area that can make all the difference and this is one area that 100k is light on.
    Do you know anything about 100K and is it comparable?
    I will buy through your link if you can convince me!!

    1. Until I read your comment, I knew nothing about the 100K Blueprint, but I’ve done a little research since. I must say that at first it looks interesting, yes, especially their 7-day action plan.

      But there are things that I don’t really appreciate about the sales page, e.g. who’s behind this product? One of the testimonials mentions a “Mike”, but I have no idea whether or not that guy actually makes money on AdSense or not.

      I sneaked inside one of the doors they had left open and I could see some videos (I didn’t watch them, though) about how to set up your blog, and how to set up the two themes they offer as a bonus.

      Besides that, yes, it seems that they aim more at telling you about how to pick the right keywords, and not as much help people who already have sites running.

      What I needed back then was not information about keyword research, because I already had a site, but more how to format the ad blocks, and how to tweak them, and Joel gave me exactly that information – and much more, by the way.

      Since then, I’ve seen other great products about AdSense (videos by Michael Cheney back then, and by Dr. oh… forgot his name, but his product isn’t for sale anymore), but none was better than Joel’s. I keep repeating myself when I say: If you’re only going to have ONE product about AdSense, this is it, but I really mean it, and let’s see… I’ll just pop over to CBengine to see the refund rate. Hm… na (not available) can mean anything from nothing to something. Anyway, I’ve never heard anyone say that he didn’t learn from Joel’s book. The refund rate of 100K is 8.29% right now, which isn’t fabulous, but not that bad, either. There are products with a refund rate close to 100%. So the product is probably all-right, but maybe not exactly what you were looking for.

      Ha, I guess my answer hasn’t helped you that much, has it? Should you get a refund and buy Joel’s book? Or keep 100K for later, when you want to build more sites, and still get Joel’s book. That’s what I would do, probably.

  2. Buying Joel’s products have indeed always been very beneficial. In fact I even have dvds I still need to watch, and I know when I see them I will regret not having started watching them much sooner.

    Why procrastinate? You’re right. There’s no reason to, so I will commit to watching these also before monday. And, by the way the fifth version of Adsense Secrets is even better than all previous versions, so if anyone wants to know about Adsense, you’re ever so right. They SHOULD get this e-book. It’s going to earn a fortune once you implement this – and split-test the few areas where there could be doubts, which Joel also encourages. 🙂

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