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Things Not To Do On Ezine Articles – Although They Didn’t Tell You Not To

By Britt Malka / February 20, 2011

As you all know, there are certain rules to understand and to obey to on Ezine Articles. This is quite understandable. However, as a beginner, and even as a habitual writer, you might get your article in problem status, even though you follow the editorial guidelines.

That’s because there are some unwritten rules, too, and you have to obey to those as well. Here are some of those I’ve heard about, or have experience myself:

Ezine Articles explaines this themselves in this way:

“Our systems were created for simplicity although they are complex.

This means our editors can review far more articles in a day because our system is able to auto-generate an email to you based on their recommendation (they have over 70 options to choose from). If the area is ‘grey’ and we don’t have a standard email for it, we place the article in a ‘General Problem’ status, email you and ask that you contact our Member Support team who can better assist.

Our member support team is highly qualified to explain the grey issues and get your article on the road to approval.”

Here are some of the gray areas, I’ve found. I’ll update this post, when I hear about or experience new ones:

  • Don’t write negative reviews. It’s okay to put in a negative thing or two, but your review must not be totally negative.
  • Don’t use three dots (ellipsis) in your title, not even if you don’t use Word, and the dots are dots, and not smart quotes.
  • When you link to a landing page in your resource box, it should be an English page.
  • Make sure your author name seems ethical.
  • Your landing page must contain more than a few words of content.
  • If you’re linking to your blog, you most have no posts on it about PLR or article spinning.
  • Don’t discuss alternatives to the brand name mentioned in the title. (Like fx 10 Fiverr alternatives).
  • Don’t write about a brand and then mention alternatives (“I have reviewed the article and noticed it mentions Fiverr
    throughout. However, it links to information on alternate sites.” — Scott, EzineArticles)

Have you yourself experienced something similar? Was one of your articles put in problem status for not obeying to an unwritten rule? Then please tell us what happened in the comments, so future errors can be avoided.

Kai Druhl@Internet Marketing Coaching - February 21, 2011

If your article is above the required 250 words, but below the recommended 400, you may get into problem status upon arbitrary claims of promoting, even if you were obviously reviewing, or on some other ill defined “issues.” I had articles eventually approved after insisting on detailed explanation of my supposed violations, but in the end, that is just a waste of time. Better to stay above 400 words.

Britt Malka - February 21, 2011

Aha, good advice. I’ll add it to the list. Thank you 🙂

Alfreda Mckerley - November 23, 2011

Ezine articles is one of the finest article directories among all article directories, I submit my article in Ezine once and unfortunately it was not approved but then it is okay.I’ll made it clear now because of you, thanks for sharing the things not to do in Ezine.

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