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How to write introductions? – Gizzards – 19 bad days

By Britt Malka / April 9, 2013

Hi you 🙂

Today, I’m preparing two very new things:

Gizzards in a slow-cooker, and sourdough bread.

That’s just one of the great things about doing Internet marketing. You can work a little in the kitchen, and then let it cook or proof for hours, while you’re at home and can supervise it from time to time.

This means much better and lower-priced food, because you don’t need to buy frozen TV-dinners. You can prepare good healthy meals without chemicals.


The problem with becoming an Internet marketer, though, is that it’s rarely something that happens overnight. You’ll hear from most of the well-known marketers that they had a rough time, trying and testing different things, before they finally had some kind of break-through and became full-time marketers.

I started out by building a mailing-list, back when I started, but that was a mere coincident. I read something about it, and I liked the idea of starting this growing relationship.

When I reached 100 subscribers, I panicked! That was SO scary! What should I write to them? How could I ever write anything that would please that many people?

A friend of mine back then said to me: But when you write your books, you write for thousands. Why are you scared now? This is the same, just for a lot fewer people.

I thought about it… And then I started to write emails the same way I wrote my books: By having ONE person in mind. I didn’t write for 100 people. I wrote for one subscriber.

And I still do: I write for you 🙂

How to write introductions

If you’re looking for ways to write introductions…

Nah, let me just do that again…

Hey there! Want to know how to write intro…?

Okay, I admit it. It is difficult to write introductions, because it puts us under such hard pressure, doesn’t it?

That first line of the blog post, the Squidoo lens or the article – it carries a HUGE responsibility.

First, we have to catch the reader by the eyeballs with our headline, and then we’re going to force him to read our article. And the way we do that is by dragging him in with our first sentence.

This is why our first sentence must:

  • Contain keywords to please search engines.
  • Contain keywords to assure the reader that he’s on the right article.
  • Be entertaining, so the reader will want to read more.

And to hit at least the first two points above, there are at the moment 57,500,000 results according to Google, for the words “If you’re looking for *, you’ve come to the right place”.

Sure, it tells the reader that he’s on the article he wanted to read, and it also puts the keywords in a prominent place, easy for the search engines to snatch up.

But is it entertaining?

If you think so, then you’ll have a great time reading through the 57 million results. If not, then you might be looking for other great ways to introduce an article?

I found this article about the subject, and it’s a good, short read: http://homeworktips.about.com/od/paperassignments/a/introsentence.htm

Funny Stuff

19 people who are having a worse day than you:


I’ve posted a few other pictures and things I found funny as well as the recipes for the gizzards and sourdough bread on my Facebook wall, so take a look, if you like.

Don’t Forget the Good Stuff From Last Time

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His conversion at Amazon a bit less than 17%.

Do you want to learn from him?

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Best regards,

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