Number 4 on Google in One Day

Yesterday, the site wasn’t even there. Today it ranks number 4 on Google, if you search for “acme body jewelry”. How could that happen?

First, I will explain about the domain. It isn’t mine, but I’ve made it… It’s part of a traduction from English to Danish, but what you see isn’t Danish. The guests will see an English page, but the Danish webmaster can use a Danish admin panel. Nice, don’t you think? Especially, since he doesn’t have to know any English in order to make the site. But he can make money anyway.

All, you have to do, is to buy a domain with good keywords, serve the keywords to the script, and wham: You get a whole site with movies, things to buy from Amazon and eBay, pictures, perhaps even questions and answers. If you like, you can put your own unique text on the front page.

Yesterday, I finished the translations and finished the front page as well with a free article from, some pictures and that’s it. I searched in Google to see if the site could be found. Not on the first many sites, at least. I used both “acme body jewelry” and “body jewelry” as search terms. No results.

And now, just a few hours later: Wham! Number 4 on Google.

How? Why?

Well, first of all, I guess that AdSense is responsible for making the indexed so fast. Next, of course the fact that the keywords are in the name of the domaine.

Did I pay for any ads? No, none at all.

Now the site can just take care of itself and make me some money. Or perhaps the owners will claim back the codes, I’ve put in, for AdSense and Amazon – so that they rightfully can make the money 😉

Curious about the script? It’s called Auto Mega Script, because it has both AdSense, YouTube, Amazon, eBay and Flickr in it, just to put up and make money from. You can get it here for a very fair price:

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