John Chow Has A New Contest

Well, “new” might not exactly be the right word to use, because it is actually the fourth time John Chow is putting a signed copy of “The 4-Hour Work Week” on a contest. Why is he doing this?

Even though John Chow has paid for the books and will pay for sending them, he gets the following advantages, and so could you:

  • He gets more than 300 comments to each post.
  • He gets lots of Stumbling.
  • Result = Lots of traffic = Lots of money earned.

Truly evil, isn’t it? 😉

Contests is a good way to create traffic, but you need some readers, before it will do. Starting a contest with only two readers will neither bring you traffic nor fortune.

Take John Chow for instance. He has about 7,000 readers by RSS-feed, and I don’t know how many, who just goes to his page. Out of all those people, only 300 makes comments. Yes, to us 300 is a lot of people, but if you look at the percentage – let’s say that there are 10,000 readers in all, then only 3 percent are making a comment. If you have 10 readers, well … don’t expect to get any at all.

Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style - August 9, 2007

Good luck with the contest! Be sure to check out my Canon SD750 digital camera giveaway, which John mentioned in his post about the book giveaway.


Britt Malka - August 9, 2007

Thanks, DevDad, and what a nice camera! Wow! And how clever of you to take advantage of comments on John Chow’s blog to make your own comments with link. Great idea!

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