Warning About Good Deal Hosting

When you get a domain it is very important to choose the right webhost. I have one. Here in France. Recently, there was a script I couldn’t get to work there, and the programmer recommended his webhost. The webhost, Good Deal Hosting, promised a 30 days trial period, so I thought: What is there to loose?

Actually, a Good Deal!

For one thing the script didn’t work there either, but it took a while, before the programmer figured out how to make the script work, and then it worked on my old server too.

Anyway, the domain, I moved to Good Deal Hosting, had been working as it should for years. Now, certain very important things didn’t work. One thing was the 404 page, and the other was a contact formular. The site couldn’t function without the 404 page, and it surely wasn’t satisfying that people couldn’t even contact me or send a link to a friend trough my form.

So I created two tickets with these problems.

One of the answers from the staff was that they would log into cPanel and take a look.

After they’ve done that apparently they decided this was a satisfying answer, so they closed the tickets.

My problems had not been solved.

I didn’t know the tickets had been closed. Unlike all other ticket systems, this one didn’t send out any message to inform the client that the ticket had been closed.

When I found out, I decided to cancel my account. I moved everything back, and informed Good Deal Hosting about my decission. Of course I expected a refund since their policy was a 30 day trial periode, but no!

After a good deal of discussion, and another closed ticket, they finally informed me that their policy was 14 days (now!) and they didn’t want to refund my $40, because I’ve asked too late.

Not so Good Deal Hosting with new policy
Not so Good Deal Hosting with new policy

So I advice you to never, never use Good Deal Hosting, unless you want a good deal of unsolved problems, and a good deal of closed tickets, and a good deal of arguments.

Certainly, the client is not king with that hosting company.

BTW – if you look at the title bar in your browser, when you visit Good Deal Hosting, you can see the name Splash Hosting. And Splash Hosting still has a 30 days trial. Funny, isn’t it?

Look at the title bar - it says Splash Hosting
Look at the title bar – it says Splash Hosting

Splash Hosting - still with 30 days trial
Splash Hosting – still with 30 days trial

Do you remark any resemblance between the looks of Good Deal Hosting and Splash Hosting? Besides the name in the title bar?

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