Out of plane without parachute

By Britt Malka / July 21, 2017

Did you know that I’ve done several parachute jumps?

Well, I did. Have pictures to prove it, except that it’s impossible to see that it’s me, hanging up there under the T-10 screen.

I would never have left the plane if I hadn’t had the near certainty that my parachute would unfold and bring me back to earth, safely.

I recommend jumping without parachute.

Not when it comes to exiting a plane, but when it comes to your business.

Have you noticed that whenever you have something to “fall back on”, then you never really take off?

That’s it. You have to have urgency. You have to have that jump master kicking you and telling you to do it now, now, now!

When you’re there, freefalling from the sky, you need something soft to grab you. I recommend having emails that are proven to give results.

How do you write those?

Check this out http://malka.biz/emails-that-get-results-z/

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