300 or 4,385.10?

Which one of the above numbers would you rather see in your spreadsheet in the monthly total field?

Stupid question, right? But I thought I would ask, because I’ve been talking about how my average income went up from $10 per day to $146.17, but perhaps that doesn’t really tell the story.

Actually, I got that number, $146.17, by dividing last year’s income by 366. Seen over a year, the difference is huge. We’re talking either $3,660 or $53,498.46.

It took me two years to get there. In 2015, I only implemented one new thing (step #1 in the ebook you get), and that brought me from $10 to $50 per day on average. Then in 2016, I implemented the five other steps you’ll find inside the ebook, and yeah… I haven’t looked back since.

Look here, if you want to know how I did it http://malka.im/from10to14617

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