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It’s often the small things…

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

May 19

Have you noticed how often it’s the small things that really matter in life?

People don’t argue over the big things, but over the small ones, like he who never puts the seat down, and she who leaves the toothpaste open.

And the thing that make you happy is the brief caress on your cheek. Or your pet’s funny capers.

It’s also the small things that hold people back.

I see it often. People don’t begin. They don’t start their business because of some small thing they don’t know how to do.

That’s why in Malka Club we start small.

You must crawl before you can walk and all that, and in Malka Club we do like a snail. We start month one by making money in the simplest possible way.

Then we follow the spiral outwards and add more and more to our routine and knowledge. But slowly. Babysteps.

That’s why it works.

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