I still made $1K+ per month after I stopped

I’d had enough!

I wrote nonfiction books for IDG Books, Denmark, about how to use a computer. Step-by-step guides.

In my spare time, I wrote a newsletter… about computer tips.

After several years this way, I had enough. I was fed up with step-by-step writing. Besides, I’d switched to a Mac, so I was no longer interested in Windows tips or problems. (I’ve been back on a PC for a year now.)

My newsletter made me a nice income. Enough to keep a family of four alive, fed, and housed.

I figured that when I stopped writing this newsletter, that income would disappear. But it didn’t. It diminished, for sure, but still 4-5 years later I still made more than $1,000 per month on completely passive income. It only ended, because my site was hacked twice.

But how do you find other profitable niches nowadays?

That’s a topic Duston McGroarty can help you with. He has three criteria that must be obtained. And once you nail those, you’re ready to go.

He works one hour per day and makes well over $1,100… per day!

Check this out today http://malka.im/newsletteracademi

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