5-hour workweeks

By Britt Malka / March 29, 2017

I remember feeling cheated when I read Tim Ferris’ book, “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

This what not what I’d expected. He just outsourced everything.

My uncle had employees. They caused him a lot of pain. My son is an office manager. He spends all his time taking care of employees.

Outsourcing sounds great, but it only is if you love to spend your time handling employees instead of working on something you like.

That’s not my idea of a dream business.

When I heard of Duston McGroarty and how he made more than half a million dollars per year from his business… and how he spent only one hour daily in it, I figured he would be outsourcing a lot.

Not so.

He handles most of the work himself and only outsources some of the writing tasks.

How does that sound to you? Do you think you could spend an hour daily working with that kind of outcome?

I know I can. And I will.

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