I saw the future

By Britt Malka / March 22, 2017

And I cheated to exam.

True story. When I finished high school, I discovered that I would know beforehand what topics I would be questioned about. Then I rehearsed those extra well. Happened again, when I took two extra high school topics because I was about to study medicine.

Very handy and totally honest way to cheat.

They couldn’t even catch me for doing it. Things would have been different, if I’d written a cheatsheet and saved it in my hand.

Today, there are other ways to use cheatsheets. You can use them to gain easy and fast access to information.

And when you know how to create them, you can do that, including sales letter, in one hour.

That means:

  • Fast cash.
  • Subscribers to your list.
  • Branding your name.

If you think that nobody would buy such a cheatsheet, think again. Alessandro Zamboni has made several, and he’s written a guide so that you can create your own cheatsheets. He includes a case study in which he makes $999 just from one cheatsheet.

You might know his one of the cheatsheets. The one about Pokemon Go.

When you buy “Cheatsheet Empire” you get a 46-page PDF file with full instructions, plus a number of videos that will help you completely understand the procedure.

The “hardest” thing is to come up with the idea for a cheatsheet, and Alessandro helps you with that. Other than that, your work will consist mostly in copying and pasting. And it’s completely ethical.

No cheating, and you don’t have to have psychic abilities 😉

Click here to learn how to make and sell your own cheatsheets http://malka.im/cheatsheetempire

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