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Launch manager confirms what I’ve said: don’t launch

By Britt Malka / March 13, 2017

As you know, I’m a vendor as well as an affiliate myself, so I see both parts of that world.

Lately, I’ve won two affiliate contests, both netting me a nice sum of $250 each, but… so far I haven’t been paid, and I don’t think I will be either.

These two young guys listened to the wrong people. They were told, “Do a launch. Offer a no-sales-limit contest. Build your list, and make money.”

But the truth is that very few launches turn into the six-figure adventures the gurus boast of. Sure, theirs do, but for small fish vendors like us? Forgetaboutit.

Therefore, I found it refreshing to see a product coming from a launch manager I knew, telling you not to make launches.

Pat Flanagan tells you instead in the ANTILaunch Plan what you can do, and the first of those five strategies is something everybody can do right now to get sales.

You’ll also get a case study that shows how Pat made $4,260.07 in sales over New Year’s Eve weekend, when traditionally people aren’t buying. You’ll see everything he did, including his stats so you can get inspiration yourself. This was a totally unplanned thing he did in a single morning.

Personally, I bought it because Pat assured me it was both for inexperienced and more experienced product creators. I also bought the first upsell, which consists of four more strategies that can really help getting even better results from what you learn in the main course.

Check out this time limited offer here http://malka.im/antilaunch

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