Feeling worthless

By Britt Malka / February 20, 2017

It always pains me to see people wasting their talent because they feel unworthy.

One of my friends from Denmark was a brilliant writer. Yet, he stayed in a job he hated, because he felt that he didn’t know enough to contribute with books.

That wasn’t true. And if you’re feeling the same way, I can almost guarantee that it isn’t true for you, either.

So many subscribers came to me saying basically the same thing: I’m worthless. And I wanted to change that feeling, so I wrote a book I simply call:

You know enough

Because you do. Whether you believe it or not.

You might not have a Ph.D. in whatever you’re interested in, but there are always lots of people who want to know more about a topic, and you know more than them.

To get rid of that feeling of being worthless, go here http://malka.biz/you-know-enough/

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