Son’s suitcase sprang open

By Britt Malka / February 6, 2017

My son is in Ukraine right now to hire people for his company.

Before he left, he told me that he was a little worried, because he wasn’t used to traveling. He’s only flown once before, and that was when he went from France to Israel in 2011.

He packed yesterday, but on his way out the door to the taxi waiting downstairs, he forgot to close his suitcase. It sprang open, all the clothes flew out, and he had to repack in a hurry.

I asked him if he’d made a checklist for next time. Nope.

I always make checklists the first time before doing something. That way, if I forget something, I can add it to the list and have it ready for next time. Saves me time and energy.

If you want a stack of done-for-you checklists for email marketing, I have them, too.

Just head over here and take a look

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