Short window to get Pinterest automation tool

When I wrote about Social Multiplier a while ago, I’d only tested it for a few days.

Since then, several things happened:

  • Jon Leger removed his Pinterest automation tool from the market place.
  • Daily, I had hundreds of shares of my pins, plus several comments, AND traffic to my sites.

This, of course, made me quite frustrated, because now I knew how well it worked, and it served no purpose to tell you. Can you imagine this?

“Look, Social Multiplier works SO well for me, but too bad, because you missed your chance and you can no longer buy it.”


Yesterday, Jon told me that he’s reopening the sales page for a short time.

If I were you, I would take a look right now, before he removes it again. There’s a video on the page that shows you how it works.

Don’t miss out this time ==>

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