Drive automatic traffic to your sites

There’s traffic and there’s traffic.

All traffic is not equal, as you probably know.

When the traffic itself is free, and you don’t have to work for it, I say “thank you very much”.

Today, I set up two campaigns that drive Pinterest traffic to two of my sites. It’s working already!

Before I tell you where you can learn more, let me explain what you can use that kind of traffic for.

  • Selling stuff? Maybe. Only maybe. It can work.
  • Getting new subscribers? Absolutely.
  • Making money from ads like Google AdSense? Oh, yes.

So by using this tool (which runs on Mac or Windows), you can set up campaigns (takes a few minutes) and then make money, literally on auto-pilot.

People rave about it. My antivirus messed up things, so I didn’t manage to start up the app until today, or I could have given you concrete results.

But I suggest you take a look here to see how it works:

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