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[Affiliate Marketing] Learn for free as a beginner (2/3)

Can you believe it’s weekend again already? I think time is flying so fast.

Yesterday, I told you about how I’ve been getting access to freebies or discounted products since 1995.

You can use those ideas if you’re already making money as an affiliate, but if you’re just starting out, it’s difficult.

Here’s a method I used when I entered the English speaking market and was new here.

Buy and sell

I think I started to use this method when the $7-books came out.

It was a product that cost $7, and you got a PHP script with it, which made it easy to sell your own $7 products, plus you could have your own affiliates with it.

It was ground-breaking!

Before that, you had to spend hundreds of dollars on an affiliate program or use ClickBank.

Anyway, there was something else that was special about this product.

If you bought it, you got the rights to promote it as an affiliate and make 100% of each sale.

That was also totally new back then.

100%? Are you crazy? I couldn’t believe how the vendor could do that. (Now I can, but that’s another story.)

So I bought it and loved it and told the 10 people on my list about it, and wrote about it on my blog

and sold a copy.

Yeps, that was all it took – one copy, and I’d made my money back.

If it’s a good product, it’s not that hard to sell one copy. Especially not today with Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the probably BEST way you can learn for free as an affiliate.

Like this one, it’s useful for both beginners and experts, and it’s one I absolutely love.

So look forward to my mail or this blog tomorrow.

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