Naomi says “hello world”

By Britt Malka / October 22, 2009

My grandchild, Naomi, was born at 11:51 this morning. She and her mother and father is fine.Naomi

Of course, in these modern times, my first impression of Naomi is from a picture send per MMS.

Here she is. Cute, eh? 🙂

Welcome to the world, Naomi!

She was born a little too early. Was supposed to appear around November 14, but she didn’t want to be born as a Scorpio, it seems 😉

Naomi weighted 2840 g and measured 47 cm at her birth.

Mike - October 22, 2009

Yeah, welcome to the world Naomi!

And gratz on becoming a granma Britt 🙂

Henrik Blunck - October 22, 2009


Britt had the age of grandmotherhood for some years, but now it has been fulfilled!

Hvor er det dog dejligt når børnene begynder at blive forældre. Så er det Danni vi mangler at gratulere… 😉

Pals - October 22, 2009

Welcome little Naomi and congrats on becoming a Grandma. I’m sure you will fill the roll beautifully.

Love Pals (Your favorite dwarf) I hope!

Pals - October 22, 2009

Erm! Role not roll hehe.

Britt Malka - October 22, 2009

Thanks, Pals, and yes, surely you are my favourite dwarf 🙂

Too much WoW? 😀

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