“Niche Review Website Blueprint” – Review and Case Study Part 2

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Hi again 🙂 I’m going to continue my review on “Niche Review Website Blueprint” and make it a case study at the same time. You can find part 1 here.

In his first video, step 1, Kurt Chrisler spends 12:57 explaining the best way to find potential products to review.


He says that we’re not limited to Amazon. In fact, you can also use AdSense, Commission Junction (CJ), ClickBank, and others.

He tells us that some of his sites make $200 per month on auto-pilot, and then he gives us tips to find things that area off the radar (which means low competition) and which people would still buy online.

In this video, he shows us several ways that we can find these products. He mentions price and ratings, but doesn’t go into detail with it. I later discovered that he came back to this questions in step 2.

I will do the action steps for the first video now, and then continue with the second video below.

Okay, I wrote down four potential product groups. Now, let’s see in step 2, which one I should use.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Kurt uses Market Samurai for his keyword research. So do I, so it was easy to copy his research method and save it for the next time.

Update: You can use Domain Samurai instead, if you don’t want to invest in Market Samurai. You can do the same keyword research in Domain Samurai (which is free to use), except for the second part where you check for SEO competition. You can perform that with a simple Google search instead and by using a plugin that shows pagerank.

This is not too complicated. I started with the first product group I jotted down at step 1 and tested it with his keyword research method. That one looked good. I could find keywords with high search volume and reasonable competition. According to what Kurt says, this should be very easy to rank for.

Nevertheless, I continued with my second product group, which also look good. Not as good as the first, though.

The third one was a bommer. Nothing really to go after. At least not, if I stick with the propositions Kurt gave about what good buyer keywords could be.

Here I would have loved to have more to go after than just those two. I will ask him if he uses others when he finds good niches himself.

I’m waiting for the analyzes to get done for the fourth product group now. I kind of hope that one will be a winner, because it will be more fun to write about (for me) than the first product group.

Right, results are in. The fourth one would work, too, but probably not as good as the first. Hm… Decisions, decisions.

Okay, let me check what domains I can get.

Step 3: Get Your Domain Name

Kurt explains in this video how he picks his domain names.

So let me check the two products I’ve found and see if I can get domains for either of them.

Well, the first one is taken in .com, so I try my next product (which was the one I found it more fun to write about), and that one’s available, so I go ahead and buy it.


Tomorrow, I’ll continue this review and case study. You’ve probably figured out by now that since I spend a lot of time reviewing it, and I just invested in a domain, which will also cost me more time to set up, add content to, etc., then it’s because I’m pretty confident that this is going to work.

And I am.

I have watched all ten steps (videos), and it sounds very reasonable and doable to me. Doing it, acting on it, will show if I’m right or wrong.

If you want to go along with me and build an Amazon review site, too, then check out Niche Review Website Blueprint here.

Or you could continue with this review part 3 here.

6 thoughts on ““Niche Review Website Blueprint” – Review and Case Study Part 2”

    1. Excellent question, Alan. I asked my friend Mike, who uses Domain Samurai (free product), and he said that you can use that instead.

  1. Hi Britt!

    Thanks for this case study. I will be focusing on creating Amazon product review sites this year and your case study came at a good time.

    Before I get this via your link… could you answer some questions.

    Since you finished viewing all 10 videos…. can you tell us how many products are usually reviewed per site and how many pages/posts are on an average site following KC’s method?

    Are the sites created on a wordpress platform?

    Does he show or teach how the product review content is made up for writing it yourself or outsourcing it?

    Are there any other costs involved not including the basics (domain and hosting)?

    How much maintenance is needed to update these types of sites?

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    1. Great questions. I will include them in my follow-up reviews as well.

      How many products per site: 3 to 5 on the front page, and then a different number depending on how well the site converts. He says we should start out with 10 (including the ones from the front page, using a different structure). If it’s a winner, then add one more review every 2-3 days (or every week).

      Yes the sites uses the WordPress platform. I think a lot of this can be done on Squidoo, too, but I’ll get back to this idea later. Right now, I’ve seen all ten videos once, and I’m going through them again, implementing while I learn.

      Yes, he shows us his demo site with reviews, and he tells us which basic things we should include (in video 7). He also tells us (and shows) what to ask for when outsourcing it.

      In connection with getting traffic there is one optional thing that can cost money, but you can also do this step for free.

      No maintainance is needed, when the site is set up, unless you want to add more reviews to it. He talks about sites he has set up and left and which makes him money on autopilot.

      1. Thanks Britt – buying now.

        I too like text courses and it will be a challenge to watch the videos and taking notes.. but since the videos are short and to the point… I think I will be fine in following along. I will be starting on the course asap – and will stay tuned to your case study as well.

        Thanks and keep up the good job!

        1. Thank you, iFaith 🙂 I would love it if you would post your progress here as well. That would be fun 🙂

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