Say It With a Video

Of course you’ve heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, sometimes it is. And sometimes even a picture cannot do it.

There are moments where the only way to really explain something profoundly is by using a video.

But what can you do if you don’t know how to create professional looking videos yourself?

You could go to Fiverr, of course, but if you really need a very professional job, you have to go to a professional video creator.

One company that can make such explanatory videos is Illustrate iT Video. They are able to take your idea and turn it into a video. How cool is that?

I chatted with Wayne Ferris, who is a co-founder and COO at Illustrate iT Video. He’s a very nice guy, and he told me a little about how they create their animated videos.

From Idea to Animated Video

The process runs as follows:

1: You come up with an idea and you tell Illustrate iT Video about it.

2: They make write a brief about what you wanted.

3: Next, they start creating a script and a storyboard line for your animated video.

4: You get to choose the persons who makes the voice over.

5: The company produces the video and you review it.

From start to finish, you should count on waiting 4-6 weeks.

What Can You Use the Animated Video For?

You can embed it on your website. You can put it on YouTube and other similar services.

In fact, Illustrate iT Video can even help you distribute the video for you.

These videos are best used as explainer videos – see them as means to save a million words to explain something that’s much better done by a video.

How About Prices?

You’ve probably figured out that this is not an Animoto-kind-of-service, where you add some photos yourself, and a script makes those photos shift to the sound of music?

The prices are higher, of course. This is real art-work. Spielberg pays hundreds of thousands of dollars for animated videos. You can get them less expensive.

The price depends on the lenght of the video and the kind. The 3D packages are more expensive than the normal packages.

To give you an example: You can get 30 seconds of animated video for $3,000. But do visit the site, if you want to know more about the process and the prices. They are really nice people over there, and they have an online chat function.

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