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Tube Authority Blaster Review – Buy It … Or Else? LOL – A Walk Through of the Sales Page

By Britt Malka / June 19, 2012

If you’re considering a purchase of Tube Authority Blaster, the first thing you’ll see is the sales letter. I will go through the sales letter with emphasis on the promises it makes, and later on I’ll get back to these promises to see, if the product delivers on them.

And it certainly makes some interesting promises. These are benefits I could really use – and you could probably also.

Sounds good to you?

Let’s get started, then. And we’ll start with the headline.

My First Impression of the Sales Page for Tube Authority Blaster

The headline – in red – states this main benefit: it’s easy to use the techniques they teach to make money and get traffic from YouTube.

Peter Garety then explains what YouTube is and tells you what you lose, if you don’t use YouTube in  your own online marketing strategy – which is a sin that’s I’m very guilty of.

In short – you (and I) could be gaining authority right now, get lots of easy traffic, please your audience and do it all very easily.

Peter Garety then goes on to tell us how he knew next to nothing about how to make the most out of YouTube, and we’re probably all on the same page here. Then he learnt, of course, and he will share his knowledge with us. Or so I guess, because I’m getting a little ahead of the sales page here.

Peter uses the words “traffic-generating, profit-sucking ATM machine” again – and these are already over-used expressins. They are not even powerful anymore. He should have a word with his copywriter 😉

He shares his struggles with us and mentions learning English. That made me curious – where’s he from? Hm, I hope he’ll tell us later.

What Will You Discover Inside Tube Authority Blaster?

Okay, now for some promises. Great. Let’s see what this course will do for us:

  • We will realize how easy it is to use YouTube and make tons of online cash. Not bad! I hope this bullet point will prove to be right.
  • We will feel confident about using YouTube. Hm, that’s good, but I guess that the real benefit behind this one is that we’ll be able to produce more videos faster, and thus gain more authority and more money. Am I right about this? And will he deliver on this promise?
  • Nice, no more learning YouTube. This is the last course ever that we’ll need.
  • We’ll learn to create a YouTube account that makes people click through to our webpages – where we can make money, of course.

Peter Garety then shows some testimonials. Unfortunately, only one of them tells about a higher ROI (Return On Investment), and that’s a person that I stopped trusting when he made a webinar with a guy who claims to be a curation expert, sells over-priced products, and don’t deliver much value. More about that in a later blog post.

Then he introduces the product: Tube Authority Blaster and a new promise:

From setting up and optimizing a YouTube account to filling your channel with tons of juicy videos (without making any of your own), Tube Authority Blaster provides every dirty secret to making tons of online cash with YouTube.

Now, that sounds sweet!

Does this really mean that I can use YouTube without creating any videos of my own? Interesting.

His MindMap videos will do a lot of things, among which I liked this one the most:

Understand how to help customers make the jump from your YouTube video to your website…and why they’ll buy from you each and every time.

Will it make more people click through and ALL who do will buy from us? Really? This will be interesting to test, because it sounds too good to be true.

We’ll get results no matter what niche we’re in. That’s good to know, too, and I will get back to this when I review and go through the course, step by step.

Then we learn about what Tube Authority Blaster contains, the number of videos, transcripts, etc.

I didn’t like the way he put prices against every part of the course, and the bonuses, and the fact that the bonuses this way ends up being more valuable than the course itself, also looked uncanny.

But again, I blaim it on the copywriter and not Peter Garety, who did an excellent job with his former product, Quick ScreenCast Profits.

The price of the product just looks way too low for all that value, but I think that it is, in fact, just that. Too low for all that value. The number of videos alone would point at a much higher price, normally. This looks good, and in future updates, I’ll let you know whether or not this is good.

Buy – Or Else? LOL

The sales page on my screen ends with the word “or”, but it could be due to my bad, bad Internet connection.

or what? Tube Authority Blaster review - this time of the sales pageOr what? Or else?

But that’s it.

To summon it up, Tube Authority Blaster promises to teach you to be confident on getting the most out of YouTube, without necessarily making your own videos, and to make more viewers click through to your website, and to make all who do so buy your product.

Let’s see how the product does in delivering on these promises. I hope to be able to start watching the videos soon. Today, I’ve been away a lot, and it’s 9PM here, so I will not be able to start  before tomorrow – or maybe later tonight if I really cannot wait, but my husband wants me to come and play World of Warcraft with him, so I’m going to go Blood Elf in a moment.

See you soon!

tube authority blaster

Oh, by the way, if you missed the first part of this review, you can find it here: Tube Authority Blaster Review – Part 1 and the Tube Authority Blaster Review series continues here: Tube Authority Blaster Review Continued – Watching First Videos (DON’T PANIC)

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