Wake up! (funny)

Hi 🙂

This morning I woke up rather late – 9:24 to be precise.

So I stumbled up and noticed that my husband had heard me get up and was preparing our morning coffee and juice.

When I noticed this waiting for me, I was totally awake:

turn on images to seewhat I got

My husband entered the room, and I asked him if he’d been distracted this morning. He said, “No,” but when I asked him for an explanation about this, it suddenly dawned on me…

If I got served that, what did the cat get?

My husband and I turned at the same time to look at the spot where the cat’s food was waiting for him.

turn on images to seewhat the cat got

Then I totally broke down with laughter.

Frostie didn’t see any of this. He was still sleeping in the sock drawer in our bedroom.

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Cyril Malka - April 27, 2014

Well… Never know. Maybe the cat wanted sugar with his dry cat food? 😉


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