How To Rinse and Repeat a Success

rinse and repeatHave you ever read that if you can just figure out (or follow this system – or use one of these money making ideas) to make $1 per day, then you just have to rinse and repeat, and if you make one new site daily, you’ll make $30 per day in a month?

Well, it sounds nice, and it’s possible, of course, but only on one condition – you have to know what to rinse and repeat.

Feel free to use my example. I created a site that brings in between $30-100 per day, depending on the season. I haven’t touched that site for almost two years now, and it still brings me that amount of money.

Why haven’t I just rinsed and repeated?

Actually, it’s because until today, I didn’t realise that I took only part of that success to try to create a new one, but I left out one important part:

A plan

Have you come up with something that gave you even a small income? This is how you should analyse your success, so you’ll be able to repeat it.

Where Did You Start?

The Idea: I started out with an idea. I wanted to give tips about how to use your computer or the Internet in funny or interesting or helpful ways.

The List: Once I had the idea, I asked people around me, people I knew, if they wanted to join my list, and I used my email client to send out the emails to begin with.

The Concept: My plan was to send out 5 tips per week to my list, and to put those tips online, and to have ads in my emails as well as on the home page. I didn’t have this plan clear directly from the start, but it evolved very quickly.

The Content: I gave only the best tips, I could find or come up with. I subscribed to several computer magazines to get inspiration for tips. I subscribed to the few online lists that offered tips (in English or in French – I wrote in Danish).

The Traffic: Since I gave away good content that people loved, they would recommend it to others, so I got a lot of traffic that way. I also gave away free things as a thank you for joining, and I added my site to portals that told about free stuff. Once in a while, I would run a competition, and I would join portals that told about free competitions.

Make Your Plan

Actually, by analysing the steps you’ve taken to your first success, you can easily drag out your plan to your next success.

In my case, it would be:

1. Get an idea – which topic do I want to attack?

2. Start a list – whom do I know who’s already interested in this?

3. Find the concept – will I write tips, how many, how often, ads or affiliate products?

4. What content – where can I find more inspiration for my content?

5. Get traffic – make it interesting for people to recommend my site to others, what can I offer for free? Can I make competitions or challenges that will get me more traffic?

Can this blog post help you rinse and repeat one of your money making ideas? Or are your ideas so different that it’s not usable? Tell me in the comments, please.

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Henrik Blunck - June 14, 2010

I think it’s highly usable. I developed a similar site. This is based upon jokes. My father-in-law sailed ships in three month blocks, and I usually sent him jokes on a weekly basis. Suddenly, the though came: “Why not just create a Weekly Jokes blog?” – and when I did, I began to earn passive income.
I do spend abt. 90 minutes per month inserting the best jokes, but it’s been earning an average of 3.4$ per day (Adsense and banners). Every day – even in weekends when no extra jokes are added… That’s just over 100$ per month for under two hours of work.

The site can be seen here – for example’s sake:

So when people claim you can’t earn money online, they’re wrong. 🙂

PS: Hosting on doesn’t cost people one cent, so they can literally make money without having to take out their Visa cards.

Henrik Blunck - June 15, 2010

I am even tempted to be inspired by the idea, and create a similar blog about tips & tricks for the computer on blogspot because I often find situations where people ask questions that could be better answered by sharing the idea with the entire internet.

You might want to do something similar with all the tricks you have in Danish. Taking the best and creating translations could bring many of these phenomenal tips to a much larger audience – although there is, quite naturally, also a bigger competition.

My personal motivation is also that I have already written many IT-related articles on EzineArticles, and I could therefore link to these from an english blog about such tricks.

Hope you don’t mind my being so closely inspired by your writtings? 🙂

    Britt Malka - June 15, 2010

    Of course, I don’t mind 🙂 I like it, when I can inspire people. Don’t we all?

    About translating my 1500+ tips to English, or even just the best, I’ve thought about it, but I get so bored by translating, so I rejected the idea.

Henrik Blunck - June 15, 2010

Thanks a lot. I have now created the blog – – with a grateful mention of being inspired by you at the bottom of the blog.

I understand your frustration in translating, but I would have thought that it was far more inspiring to translate when you originally wrote all the fine tips in Danish. It could be a refreshment of all the fantastic knowledge, and if you even just quadruple your original income in Danish, just imagine what that adds up to when you reach such levels… Could be highly motivating, indeed.

As you usually say: taking action is the vital first step. 😉

But I do realize it is quite a lot to do if you don’t drip feed the content. Maybe 10 a month is easier to overcome, and could build some serious PageRank in time. Just a thought. 😉

Britt Malka - June 15, 2010

I’m not frustrated with translations. Just bored. And the fact that it was me who wrote it in the first place, makes it even more boring, because I would have to say the same thing twice.

Maybe it’s just my A.D.D.

I once attended a course in Paris. It was held by an American woman, and simultaneously translated into French. So I first heard the sentence in English, and then the same sentence in French. I had blue marks all over my body, before I could go home, from all the times I had to pinch myself so I wouldn’t fall asleep.

And money is not a motivation factor, btw.

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