You write a blog post, and you are happy. You sit back and wait for the world to discover it…

But nothing happens.

So you share it on Facebook, Twitter and maybe a few other places, and a couple of visitors drip by.

Then nothing.


What if I told you that there was a way to make your readers share like crazy?

If only those first two visitors you got would share with 5 others, then you have 10 visitors.

If those 10 visitors share with 5 others, then you have 50 visitors more.

And the number just keeps growing.

Here’s how you do.

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Okay, I will be completely honest with you.

When Temper laid out his method for us, and told us he got books ranking as #1 for generic keywords on Amazon, we couldn’t hear anything in the Skype room for several minutes because of all the BS alarms that went off.

BSalarmWe didn’t believe him.

I got a review copy of his Kindle Bestseller Fastlane, and the method is so simple that it absolutely couldn’t work.

No way!

Yesterday, Temper showed us proof.

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If you’ve heard from smart marketers, how they get a ton of reviews (mostly positive) then make sure that if you’re using their plans you’re not conflicting with Amazon’s guidelines about reviews.

I’m especially thinking of this one:

Reviews written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product.

In other words, if you write to your mailing list and ask them to do a review of your new ($0.99) Kindle book and ask them to send you a screenshot of the review and then give them a reward for it, you’re breaking Amazon’s rules, and you are at risk of having your account banned.

You can read Amazon’s guidelines here:

Yesterday, I came across a product about affiliate marketing that caught my eye because of two things:

  • It’s by Edmund Loh. I’ve seen his name so many times at the top of leader boards. This guy is from Malaysia (English not his first language) and yet he’s doing so well.

  • It promised to show a method to write highly effective reviews.

I was sold. Especially, because the product is very low-priced. You get it for only $7:


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Happy New Year!

Tomorrow is not a holiday here in Israel. We already had our New Year’s Eve the 24th September, but my husband and I still celebrate it.

We have our traditions, like naming the best song, artist, movie, event etc. for each of us.

I know what the best thing happening to me in 2014 was:

Nefnef, 7 months, holding her teddy
Nefnef, 7 months, holding her teddy

But it’s followed sharply by my son who stopped smoking! Yeah!

I’m also looking forward to 2015. I have a feeling that it will be even better than 2014.

Are you planning on changing anything next year?

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I discovered something amazing, while I was setting up my new AuthorTheme, and I’ll tell you more about that another day.

Right now I want to address some questions I got from subscribers. Good questions :) I’ve answered them all directly, but I found that you might be asking yourself some of the same questions.

Q: Can I use the theme on more than one blog?

Yes, you can use it on an unlimited number of blogs. Which brings me to the next question.

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Did you read my mail yesterday?

Everybody stresses that you have to have an author-blog, and yesterday I decided to build mine. I already had the domain. I just needed to get all the old content out and get some new in.

And get a good author theme.

I searched for seven hours and found a good on for $67 (with bad service, so no thanks), several almost as good for $80, and then right before I was ready to give up and do the hard work myself, I found a theme that looked promising.

I wanted:

  • A slider at the top, showing my books with links to Amazon.
  • A theme that’s easy to set up.
  • A theme I could use for blog posts, too.
  • A theme that could have an opt-in form to list building, too.
  • A theme that didn’t cost a fortune.

This is what I found:


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Did you ever get up late?

And instead of working, you started to procrastinate big time?

Well, that’s what I did today. I got up at 10, and then I decided to work on my author page. Not on Facebook, but my blog.

First I exported all the blog posts and imported them on my money making blog.

Then I went on to search for a fitting theme.

I wanted a nice theme, not too expensive, and I wanted it to showcase my books, both my existing non-fiction books and later my fiction books.

That hunt took me seven hours!


I found a nice one pretty fast. The price was $67, which is more than I was willing to pay, since I already paid for a couple of other themes (like Thesis).

But that was not the worst part.

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virtual_ilikeyou.jpgGetting your business noticed used to mean distributing business cards, pamphlets and launching a commercial spot here and there. Today, however, the marketing scene is very different. Digital marketing efforts, including social media optimization, are the keys to a successful marketing campaign. Social media optimization allows you to grab website content and make it social media friendly, which allows you to spend time building your brand identity on various social media outlets such as Facebook and more.

Why Social Media Optimization Matters

Social media optimization is yet another way to drive more traffic to your website in hopes of converting those visits into sales. Social media is a strong referral source for those who are looking to build brand identity and drive more targeted traffic to their websites. In order to get the most out of your social media efforts, you need to optimize your content. This means that the content you want to share needs to be interesting and should be easily shareable amongst your followers. More »

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