Three Tips for Starting a Tax Preparation Business

by GuestBlogger on October 31, 2014

As people begin to prepare for their year-end holiday festivities, those who are in the tax preparation industry are beginning to prepare for a busy tax preparation season that kicks off at the first of the New Year. For some, this is a routine process: downloading updates to existing tax preparation software packages, ordering new file folders and even hiring a marketing firm to begin the process of creating a new campaign for the newest tax season. However, for those who are looking to start a tax preparation business, the steps aren’t quite as clear cut. Here are a few tips on how to start a tax preparation business that can help you get started. [click to continue…]


Your Own Publishing Business?

by Britt Malka on September 17, 2014

Why do you think publishing houses exist?

That’s because there are much money to be made in this business.

And even though it’s possible to self-publish today that doesn’t mean that everybody does it. Or knows how to do it.

Amy and Deb has made a complete toolbox to help you.


Did you know that small business owners, consultants, salespeople and service providers all over the word are looking to make more of an impact and reach their targeted audience with publishing?

They do not have the skills or knowledge necessary in order to successfully publish, but you do, or can easily learn from Deb and Amy! With their complete training you can help ANYONE get more subscribers, fans and clients, and make money with their brand new publishing toolbox.

Publishing Money Trees is a complete system that allows you start a profitable business providing:

Book Content Creation
Book Formatting and Publishing
Additional Book Marketing Services

You even receive:

A professionally written and edited book on the benefits of publishing that you can put your name on and hand out directly to clients!

This is a valuable and in-demand service you can perform from the comfort of your own home.

You can learn more here:

Grab the toolbox here:


When I wrote to you this morning about a product I thought looked very interesting, I hadn’t yet watched any of the videos.

All I knew was that my Skype friend Ankur Shukla and his team made around 15,000 sales in two weeks of their great product BackupBeast.

I also knew that a short while ago, Ankur Shukla was just a marketer like anybody else… He’d done a WSO that sold a few copies, but his next one tanked.

He sold none at all.

To me, that’s kind of inspiring. Gives hope that if he can do it, then anybody can.


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[Making Money] THIS scares me (read this ASAP)

by Britt Malka on September 8, 2014

I’m not easily scared, but I must confess that THIS terrifies me.

You’ve probably heard about these huge launches where the big boys (more often boys than girls, in fact) make hundreds of thousands of dollars during one launch.

I am in Skype groups with a few who have done that.

I am Skype friends with others who have done that.

And when I hear about I think:

  • Scary! What if I made all those money and PayPal closed my account?

Yeah, I admit, it’s stupid.

And I have things to learn, that’s for sure.

One of the guys who made half a million during one launch says that you need to have high-ticket products to do that.

And yet, I’m Skype friend with a guy who did it with a $10 product.

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Why You Need a PowerPoint Designer

by GuestBlogger August 31, 2014

While most people do not give a lot of thought to PowerPoint presentations, the truth is that a high quality, professional, and engaging slideshow can take some time and a lot of effort to create. Unless you’re lucky enough to pull creativity out of thin air, you can expect to need to set aside time [...]

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High Risk Payment Processing

by GuestBlogger June 17, 2014

In the retail world, every merchant needs to have a safe and effective method to collect money from customers. These days, a significant percentage of shoppers choose to buy items online rather than local brick and mortar stores. Therefore, there has to be a convenient way for making electronic purchases when shopping online. The eCommerce [...]

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Dying from Too Much Work?

by Britt Malka June 12, 2014

Did you know that? Several people have died because they worked too much. This copywriter worked too much in general, drank vodca mixed with RedBull, and this was her last tweet at age 24: She died the next day. A young intern, 21 years old, died after having worked too much. Japanese Toyota employee died [...]

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Get Paid to Write

by Britt Malka June 3, 2014

Yesterday, I bought this book, and it’s so inspiring. I’ve discovered new ways already to make money – even by writing less than 300 words text. Impressive. I immediately told a friend about it and said she would love it. She got it, too. I’m looking forward to hearing her opinion about it.

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GetResponse Down? AWeber Down? Here’s What to Do

by Britt Malka April 28, 2014

Hi :) Okay, I hear you… Loud and clear. GetResponse is down again. Or AWeber is down again. Or either is just not behaving like you want them to. Here is what you should do about it: Have a backup plan. I’ve heard several marketers talk about how they actually are signed up for more [...]

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Excellent Book – Psycho-Cybernet

by Britt Malka April 7, 2014

Learn about inspiration, self-image and more… You might think it has nothing to do with Internet marketing, but it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

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