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Sep 22

Too bad :(

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

You know… I thought of several subjects lines for this email, but I get mails, just like you.

And I answer those mails in my mind. Like:

Subject: Last chance (Me: Yeah, so what)
Subject: Ending today (Me: Too bad)
Subject: It’s now or never (Me: Count me in for ‘never’)

Because: See if I care.

Then I thought, “But this product can really be helpful to a lot of people, and what if YOU don’t see it? It’s important that you open this mail. Not important for me. I have this product. I make money online. But to you. This could change your life. It’s one of those products that actually DO work.”

How shall I make you open the mail?

I don’t know. I just have to hope that you see it.

Last day Sunday – check this out now

Sep 21

[Newbie friendly] 30 minutes per day

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

For years, I made a HUGE mistake.

I worked, seven days per week from early morning to late night.

Sure, it made me income. But it was too much work, and it left me exhausted.

Today, I work smarter.

Jason Fulton shows you how he works, and he spends only 30 minutes per day doing this. I’ve tested his method, and it works. I use it both as an affiliate and as a vendor.

Check this newbie friendly system here

Sep 20

Start making $100-$200+ per day THIS WEEK

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Imagine making a comfortable living, working only 30 minutes per day.

What would you do the rest of the time?

What would $100-$200 per day mean to you?

Would it pay your bills?

With the “Profit Whirlwind” method Jason Fulton shows (in details), it’s possible to make that amount of income. And it’s possible to do, spending only 30 minutes per day.

If you’re starting from scratch, you should expect to build up to that amount of income, but it’s not an unreasonable claim. Neither time-wise nor income-wise.

Check it out and start this week

Sep 19

[Case study] $1,195.57 in 3 days

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

You need a system that works and which is fast and easy to implement.


Because if it takes time, maybe months or years, uncertainty grows.

You’ll start asking yourself questions like:

  • Does this really work?
  • Will it work for me?
  • Can I make money will this?
  • When will things start to happen?

With more doubt, there’s a bigger risk that you’ll stop trying, and in the end that will lead to disaster.

Jason Fulton has something to show you.

His case study shows how he made $1,195.57 in 3 days.

Can you do that? Yes.

Will you make the same amount? Maybe. Maybe not. But you will get results if you use his method. I know, because I did. Instant results.

Yes, it’s newbie friendly.

Check Jason’s case study here

Sep 18

[Curious Monday] Have you found something that worked?

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

I still remember making my first $0.54 with AdSense. Wow 🙂

Not much, you might say, but a while later I made around $4,000 monthly with AdSense. (I don’t use it much now.)

So one little thing can turn into a lot.

Have you found such a little thing? Or maybe a big one?

Have you found something that worked?

Please hit ‘reply’ and let me know.

Sep 15

How to make money online [5/5]

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

What if you don’t have a product, not even a freebie, and you don’t have a homepage, a blog, a domain or anything.

Well, you need something. You can’t make money online out of the blue air. If you have knowledge, yes. Like if you bought Yaz’s product last week.

Otherwise, you need something to sell.

And the tools I’ve been raving about this whole week? Guess what, you can get access to selling those yourself.

  • You’ll get lots of promotion material.
  • Several landing pages, depending on your target audience.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Instructions on how to promote those tools through free means or paid options (Facebook, AdWords, Bing).

You’ll be able to help people, who are in need of those online tools, find one place that has them all for a very reasonable price. Much less than they’ll have to pay elsewhere.

You won’t even have to make the selling yourself. Everything is done for you.

How does it work?

Check out this video to find out

And this concludes our miniseries for this week. Have a great weekend – and go for your dream 🙂

Sep 14

How to make money online [4/5]

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

You know how you can get more sign ups for your free product?

Or sell more of your paid product?

By having a graphic representation. It helps the prospect visualize what he’ll get.

Many years ago, I worked as a leader in a supermarket chain, and we learned that we could sell more products if we handed the customer the product. Once he had it in his hand, it was much easier to put it into his cart.

It works.

You can’t do that online, but you can give your virtual product a form your prospect will understand by creating a graphic representation.

One of the many tools inside this place will help you do that. You just need a picture, 2D, of your product, or anything that can represent it, and then pick your mockup and boom 🙂

See these mockups

You don’t need Photoshop for this one. Just find images to use, resize to the recommended sizes, upload by clicking a button, and you have your visual representation.

I find it really handy to have all those tools collected at one place, which is why I signed up. Those are tools I use daily or weekly.

Take a look at all the tools you get access to here

And try it out 7 days for free. No credit card needed, and should you decide that you want this, then it’s only $29.99 per month – ALL tools included.

Sep 13

How to make money online [3/5]

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Let’s summarize:

To make money online, you need to help people. And to get in contact with your audience, and to stay in contact, you need tools.

  • You need an autoresponder.
  • You need a product that will help people.
  • You need a landing page.

Don’t make things complicated to begin with. Start easy, and then grow with your skills.

I recommend starting with either a small ebook or a cheatsheet.

Will it sell? Not necessarily, but the important thing is that you get started. You learn by getting knowledge, practicing what you’ve learned, and then get skilled.

So don’t expect to make thousands of dollars on your first try. Expect to gain knowledge, experience, and skills. And then do better next time 🙂

Get tools that will help you.

That used to be expensive:

  • Autoresponder: $20 per month minimum.
  • Domain: $10 per year.
  • Hosting: $5+ per month.
  • Page builder: Some charges $60 per month.
  • Membership script: $50+

But now you can have all that and much more for $29.99 per month. (If you read this much later, the price might have gone up to $47+ again.)

It’s sounds too good to be true, right?

When I first saw a demo of that site, I kept saying “I can’t believe it!” So many tools, and it all seemed so easy to use.

Well, a lot of it is easy to use. But there are tools with a learning curve, but there are also a ton of tutorials. And you can try it out for 7 days without even giving them your credit card.

So go ahead. The integrated autoresponder alone should pay for your subscription, if you choose to stay.

And you don’t need hosting with this, not even your own domain, although you can use it if you want.

>> <<

Sep 12

How to make money online [2/5]

By Britt Malka | Daily Emails

Now that you have an autoresponder (see step #1 from yesterday), you need ways to get the right people to sign up.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Sell them something.
  2. Give them something.

Both “somethings” should be something that helps that person.

Now… We’re talking making money online, so you can’t just stand somewhere and yell about your goods. You have to “yell” online, and you do that from a landing page.

A landing page can be a sales page (if you sell something) or a squeeze page (if you give something away).

Do you know how to make such a page and make it look good? It’s something people frequently ask me about.

So far, I’ve told them how they can learn HTML and CSS and PHP… or buy a script that helps them set up such a landing page. Until a couple of days ago, the only solution which was affordable was to get Thrive Themes, but to use their tools, you still have to set up a blog.

Back to square one… if I hadn’t discovered something new 🙂

The new I found was a site that offers all the tools a marketer can ever dream about.

That means (among many other things):

  • Drag and drop page builders (funnels, sales pages, squeeze pages).
  • Autoresponder (yes!) with unlimited emails and you can have up to 10,000 subscribers (or pay for more later).
  • Apps (connection to Facebook, your own iPhone apps and stuff).
  • Cover creators, image creators, video creators…

And they keep adding to the content. Just make a request.

It’s insane. When I heard about this site, I got very excited. They have a ton of tutorials, an active Facebook group with a nice community, and fast online support.

And you can try it for free for 7 days – no credit card needed.

Go here to check it out

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