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I’ll let you in on a secret…

It’s taken me a while to figure it out, but I’ll share it with you here. Now. And for free.

“To get things done you have to do things.”

A guru might have charged you thousands of dollars for that piece of insight. But that’s not how I am.

You get it for free…which might be a big mistake, because you might think that it means that the tip is worthless.

It’s not.

It’s one of the most valuable tips you can get. Think about it for a second.

Do you do things?

Yesterday, I wrote about something that had come as a revelation to me. I thought I was treating my business like a business. I wasn’t.

I didn’t do things.

Oh, yes, sure, I did lots of things, but except for a few exceptions, I didn’t do things consequently and with persistence.

One of the things that made me realize this HUGE and money-sucking mistake was a sneak peek inside…


Wait! Don’t go there yet. Read this first.

The concept is brilliant. The product is set up as a dashboard. Six icons per week. One icon per day.

You can work faster, of course, but the important thing is getting in the habit of doing one small thing daily.

Allow one drop of water to hit the stone and one day you’ll have a hole in the stone.

You should attack your business the same way. By doing things, daily.

Okay, in a moment I’ll let you visit this site, but first I’ll tell you that it’s not for everyone.

But oh boy, if it’s for you… Then you’re in luck.

Marlon Sanders’ latest product is called “Big Ticket Dashboard” and (you guessed it) it shows you – based on successful marketers’ experience – how to create and sell big ticket products. Mainly coaching.

But aie… “I know nothing.” Right? This is what Marlon has to say about that:

“A lot of people underestimate their value and ability. Sometimes the most valuable things you have to offer are those that come second nature to you. And because it comes easy to you, you assume it doesn’t have value to others.”

Right now I’ve gone through week one and two and I’ve learned a ton of things. It’s a course you would typically have to pay hundreds of dollars for, which it would be worth, but here are a quote more to think about:

“It’s not what you spend, it’s what you get BACK!!”

How much do you think you could get back…even if you only had one big ticket sale?

>>> You get access here <<<

Britt Malka helping you find money making ideasI quit my day-job in 1995, and since 2000 I've been living entirely from money made online.

Learn from my experience, and get plenty of money-making ideas plus a report about how I went from zero to $1,000 per month.

Today is the last day of Hanukkah, and we’re going to work, but also enjoy the day.

Hanukkah day 8

Hanukkah day 8

Last night I dreamed about my old boss again. He died in 2003, and I still miss him. We stayed in contact after I quit my day-job in 1995 and until his death.

In those dreams I’m always back in the office as a stand-in for his secretary.

He was a good boss.

Today I have a horrible boss. Myself.

And I thought I did so well, until a few days ago. Something happened that made me think that if I treated my business more like a business, I would probably work less and make more money.

Know the traps

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Market Research

Let’s imagine that one morning, while you prepare breakfast, you get this sizzling idea: What if I opened a morning restaurant, serving bacon and eggs for busy business people?

This might work really well. So you grab the newspaper and search for small restaurants for rent, and you find one you can afford.

What will your next step be?

Hopefully, you said, “market research” before you invested money in renting the restaurant, hiring people, cleaning up the place, maybe even paint and repair… Only to find out that you’re in the middle of an orthodox jewish quarter.

Now, if instead your idea was to set up a blog about a topic close to your heart – would you start out by doing market research?

Well, you should.

True, the invested money isn’t going to blow your budget, but you’ll have to invest a lot of time in the project. Even if you’re a one-man or one-woman operation.

Here’s a short overview of what  you can do.

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What’s on your mind when you think about getting traffic to your blog? My first thought when it comes to traffic is either getting paid traffic, or write blog comments, or do social media posts to get new visitors.

But traffic can be more than new visitors. Traffic can be previous blog visitors coming back to check your blog again.

How do you get that kind of traffic?

Below I’m sharing a few ideas with you.

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of products containing the name “Periscope”. Since I was busy doing other stuff, I didn’t check it, but accepted that there was a new buzz thing in town.

Then I heard about Periscope in a product by Chris Record. He showed some videos he’d made with it and how he used it to attract a lot of new subscribers both fast and easily.

“This looks interesting,” I thought. “I wonder what this Periscope thing costs?”

Yes, you can get it for free and use it on your iPhone or Android phone.

After I made that discovery, I checked a little further and found out that the audience could send small hearts to show their appreciation for a streaming video.

But for every time I discovered something, more questions arose. Like “how do they send those hearts?” – and “how do you use Periscope for your business?” – “can authors sell more books if they use Periscope?”

Lots of unanswered questions…

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Why Buyer Leads Are Best

Right now I’m in the middle of a product launch, following the 30 Days to $10,000 Challenge by Tom Glover. So I’m adding buyers to my list.

That’s a good thing. You probably already know. And you’ve probably learned that it means that these people are more than tire-kickers. They are action takers.

At least when it comes to the action of grabbing their credit card and pay for a product.

I’v been thinking about it, though, and this is far from the only thing we know about buyers.

Have you considered this?

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Back in 2011, I made a list of money-making ideas. Some of these aren’t that hot anymore (like Squidoo and Hub Pages), but I guess people still need money-making ideas in 2015. Right?

These ideas are meant for inspiration. If you want a concrete idea you can run with today and make money with then you should listen to this.

Here are the long-term money-making ideas: More »

You know what can make the difference between success and failure?


When I quit my day-job in 1995 my counselor told me to network and get connections. That is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten.

I could write a long story about this, but it will be for another day.

Here is your chance to build connections in the world of writers.

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If you’ve opened more than a couple of my mails, you know that I rarely offers bonuses.

When I do, they are not only related to the product, but improves it.

And while it can seem hard to improve Bill Platt’s "Easy Social Book Promotion" there is a secret tip that he left out.

I know, because I was the one who annoyed him for so long with my questions about this method that he decided to write the book, and he told me ONE tip that didn’t make it to the report.

It’s about getting free images to your blog (and no, it’s not ‘use pixabay’).

This secret tip makes life so much easier for those of us who write in genres where it’s hard to free images for our blogs (hint: One of Ryan’s mastermind groups).

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After I sent the below mail, I got a great question from a subscriber.

"Tempted by this one. Hmmmm….

Can you alter the words in posts so they’re not the same on every site?"

This was my answer:

Oh, yes, manually, right? You can’t do "spinning" codes in the plugin, but every post is a normal post and you can edit, add…

Here’s a picture I just took:

Editable text

Editable text

And here’s my original mail in case you didn’t get it.

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